Category: Daredevil (1964)

  • Daredevil #5:The Mysterious Masked Matador!

    Daredevil #5:The Mysterious Masked Matador!

    Cover Date: Dec 1964 | Review: 2 Stars

    This issue starts with Daredevil looking for the Matador, who is “the greatest threat to Law in order in years.” While the astute reader may find the thought of our hero questionable, it works to build up the tension to the pending conflict. They first meet in the streets, where Daredevil tries to intervene and…

  • Daredevil #4:Killgrave, The unbelievable purple man!

    Daredevil #4:Killgrave, The unbelievable purple man!

    Cover Date: Oct 1964 | Review: 4 Stars

    In sitting down to write my comic book review of  Daredevil #4 and the story titled “Killgrave, The unbelievable purple man!” I find myself thinking, that this tale may be one of the better mind control stories I have seen so far.   While the starting crime of him robbing the bank, seems a bit…

  • Daredevil #3:Daredevel Battles The Owl, Ominous Overlord Of Crime!

    Daredevil #3:Daredevel Battles The Owl, Ominous Overlord Of Crime!

    Cover Date: Aug 1964 | Review: 3.5 Stars

    With the 3rd issue of Daredevil gets his first – own –  super villain,  the Owl. The Owl is a man of great wealth and power but seeks more as the law uncovers his illegal activities he goes fully underground and develops a plan to lead him to running the underworld.  Can daredevil put a stop to it? or will he…

  • Daredevil #2:The Evil Menace Of Electro!

    Daredevil #2:The Evil Menace Of Electro!

    Cover Date: Jun 1964 | Review: 3.5 Stars

    The Thing, and the Fantastic Four appearing in the second issue of Daredevil? not an all surprising fact, as they also sent Spider-Man off to a good start in his first issue.  but is their appearance in this issue more of the same as it was then, or is it creative? Also talking about spider-man, in this issue…

  • Daredevil #1:The Origin Of Daredevil

    Daredevil #1:The Origin Of Daredevil

    Cover Date: Apr 1964 | Review: 4.5 Stars

    This comic book review is of Daredevil #1,  who’s cover uses the fantastic Four, and Spider-Man to say how great this comic book will be. But does this classic first issue and Origin story meet my expectation’s. ones that Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four both helped to set, or was marvel blinded by their ego’s with the…