Strange Tales #107
The Master of Flame Vs. The Monarch of the Sea!!

November 9, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

As you know from my comic book review  Strange Tales #106 had left me on such a high note, and unusual feet for the Solo tales of The Human Torch, it left me wondering what to expect in Strange Tales #107.  Then As I sat down to read this months issue and took in the cover for the first time, it began to speak volumes.

Before even reading let alone  reviewing the comic book. you see the cover.  and this one was amazing.  the blue sea backed by the lighter blue sky.  with the human torch and the sub-mariner facing off on the cover.  It left no doubt on what kind of story I would find on the pages in between.

But would this story be as hot as the cover suggest, or would it be a wash? that is what was left for me to decide as I read and review strange tales #107 (more…)

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Fantastic Four #4
The Coming of the Sub-Mariner

September 2, 2011 | Drew | (1 Comment)
Fantastic Four #4 Cover The coming of the Sub-Mariner

With Fantastic Four #4, we have truly the signs that the series is in its early stages of greatness.  this volume is in effect the first time in Fantastic Four that the ending events of the last issue directly effect the next.  leaving no feeling of a great loss of time,  in #1 to #3, it could be hard to tell how much time has elapsed between the events. it could be days, or months.  and most of the time, it has the feeling of being months.  perhaps to match the length of time between issue releases?   But this time, the events of this issue pick up just a short time after the last.

with the 3 remaining members of the team preparing to search for Johnny Storm, also known as The Human Torch. little can anyone imagine, except for those whom looked at the cover of the issue, that He is going to find another great. one from comics past;  The Sub-Mariner Namor.  (more…)

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