Hero Team Up

Fantastic Four #16
The Micro-World Of Doctor Doom!

December 13, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

In my time so far reviewing classic marvel comics i have seem comics good and bad come from these classic creators. Some stories have even been downright horrifying, fortunately this one is not!  In fact Fantastic Four #16 is perhaps the best Doctor Doom story I have reviewed so far,  and it’s not even fully over yet!

Before writing even another world, or going into the why’s I feel comfortable enough to tell you to pick up this classic and read it now,  even if you’re an Ant-Man fan, as this is a story where the guest star is just that, a guest star, not just an appearance. you can read this issue reprinted in Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 2. If you have no idea where you can get that, you can order it from here: Buy it here


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Strange Tales Annual #2
Human Torch On The Trail Of The Amazing Spider-Man!

November 30, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)
strange tales annual #2

Today I sit down to review one of the stories that appeared in Strange Tales Annual #2, this tale was the Human Torches feature for that extra long issue, and it too is longer then what he is normally given.  But perhaps of just as much importance is the Human Torches guest star, Spider-Man!

This 18 page story features the two hero’s in a Team up & match up like none other.  as first in a classic hero fashion they face off against each other before teaming up to track down the real criminal, a guy known as the Fox.


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