About Us

Hi, and welcome to ReviewingComics.com. Our goal is to Read and write comic book reviews.   As founder and currently the only Author. I am going to start with classic Marvel comics from the early 60’s. These early comics will likely be my focus for some time. But I also will do stories both newer and from other publishers.

Comic book Review focus:

Why the early marvel stories?  Well,  The Marvel hero’s are the ones I grew up with,  and most of the ones I grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s had their start in the 60’s, with the entering of the Silver age of comics. I plan to go up though the year’s to cover as much as I Super-humanly can.

No Limits

I will not limit myself to just old comics even if it is my focus, from time to time something newer will show up on the site being reviewed.  be it from decades after, or even last week. I will also not limit myself to the Silver age and newer; I may from time to time review tales from before then.

The Superhero

I do plan to focus mostly on superhero comic’s even when doing things outside of my progression though marvel. After all this is what I like reading the most, and as this is a hobby, I may as well make sure it stays enjoyable.