Fantastic Four Vol. 1 (1961)

Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four #1

The Fantastic Four Vol. 1   Published from Nov. 1961 to  Sep. 1996 :

Featuring the superhero team of the same name; offering adventures both on earth and in space and time issue after issue.  Click here for more on the team: Fantastic Four.

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Fantastic Four Vol. 1 (1961)  Comic Book Reviews:

Fantastic Four #31
The Mad Menace Of The Macabre Mole Man!

October 20, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

Having just read, and as I sit down to write my comic book review Fantastic Four #31, I find that I let the action, and all the promises made fly though my head.  First and foremost, this tale signals the return of the Mole Man last seen in Fantastic Four #22. Then as if that is not enough, the cover offers the promise of a s surprise character seen only briefly, but who’s identity would shock us.   Then, on the opening page, we get yet another guarantee; the Fantastic Four will stand against the Avengers in this issue as well!

But then all stories have a beginning,   this one starts out with an unexpected earthquake in New York. From there we have the Fantastic Four, less sue storm going out to investigate, and learning of a missing city block. Sue on the other hand, got distracted by something she spotted in a newspaper as the earthquake happened.  Instead of joining the team, she is off to police headquarters for unexplained reasons.   it is not that many pages further in that Mole man captures Sue, and threatens the Fantastic Four against interference. Beyond that, he is going to hold them accountable for the actions of all, leaving them to stop the avengers whom are about the set out on an investigation of their own.Fantastic Four Vs Avengers


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Fantastic Four Annual #2

March 21, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

While Fantastic Four annual #2 was divided into two stories in the issue; they go together so well that reviewing them separately would do the volume injustice. The first story titled “the fantastic origin of Doctor Doom!” Deals with Dr. Doom’s backstory, as we have never seen it before this issue. It is in these pages that we are first exposed to his nation Latveria, as well as get a true look  at exactly what makes Dr. doom the villain that he is.

The second-story’s title is “the final victory of Dr. Doom”  and it is a fitting follow-up to the opening tale. Although it is not without its criticisms that are discussed in more depth below.

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Fantastic Four #30
The Dreaded Diablo

March 19, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)
Fantastic Four #30 Cover

With the Fantastic 30th issue of Fantastic Four, we had them facing off against Diablo. This mysterious and imprisoned foe is both released and captured by the Fantastic Four in this issue. Although his release may be the result of some ‘magical’ trickery on behalf of Diablo.

As the story progresses and is told over an unknown number of weeks -Months?- our heroic team is pressed with the ongoing dilemma keeping them from acting.  What dilemma is that you ask, why none other then the mysterious Diablo has done nothing to break the law. (more…)

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Fantastic Four #29
It Started On Yancy Street!

October 31, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

I feel that Fantastic Four #29, had one of the greatest, and most iconic covers of its day, if not even in the top covers of all time.  Showing our four heroes seeming nervous as they walk along Yancy Street, with the watcher in the background with the universe speaking all around him.  the colors being left to the foreground and the background, with the mid-ground  Yancy Street itself, being sort of grey, with black lines to show what detail and shadows need to be seen. Speaking of shadows,  our four heroes shadows stretching forward to the reader, and off the page just adds to the flow of the cover.  In fact, I doubt only I feel this cover is great; it was selected for the cover of Fantastic Four, Vol. 3 . But I am not hear to judge a comic book on the cover alone, even a cover as great at this one.

In this issue, we have the Fantastic Four on patrol on Yancy Street; but it turns out that the Red Ghost is behind much of the disruption they currently face, and quickly works to capture our hero’s and bring them to the Moon to finish them off. How can our heroes save themselves from there doomed fate? and what role with the watcher play in all this before it is done?  these are all important questions.


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Fantastic Four #28
We Have To Fight The X-Men!

October 23, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

While we have had Iceman and The Human Torch team up before in  Strange Tales #120, the comic book I review today is the first time the two teams come face to face.  That’s right, in Fantastic Four #28, we have the X-Men as special guest stars, and if the cover is not enough of a hint, the story title “We Have To Fight The X-Men!” should be, the two teams are going to face off in good old comic book combat.  But the cover can also tell us more; as the two teams are not alone, this issue also features the return of The Puppet Master, The mad Thinker, and The Awesome Android.

But can two teams make this issue of Fantastic Four even better?  Or is this hero Vs. Hero action growing stale; after all we have seen it before, from the Thing, to the Avengers, even Spider-Man  has tangled with the Fantastic Four. (more…)

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Fantastic Four #27
The Search For Sub-Mariner!

August 17, 2012 | Drew | (2 Comments)

For this comic book review I am reading Fantastic Four #27, and a story titled “The Search For Sub-Mariner!“, Yes, you have guessed right, the Sub-Mariner is back in Fantastic Four, for the first time since Fantastic Four Annual #1.  Although Namor did have an appearance in Avengers #3 and #4.

But in this issue as you can see by the cover we also have a guest hero: Doctor Strange, in his first appearance out side of strange tales.  But what role will he have in this fantastic tale? and is this a Classic or a wash? you will have to look below into my comic book review.  (more…)

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Fantastic Four #26
The Avengers Take Over!

April 13, 2012 | Drew | (1 Comment)

After starting the fateful encounter of The Hulk Vs. The Thing last issue, I had to naturally read part two right away, moving on to see the melee become less about a one on one battle between the two titans and more of a team effort. But not just for the Fantastic Four Vs. The Hulk, but the Avengers as well.  As the one would be Hero proves near impossible to defeat?

But while the conflict goes on, Rick Jones; whom in his own way is at the heart of the conflict, and perhaps partly responsible engages in his own plan to reason with the hulk and to try to bring the conflict to an end another way. So Can the Fantastic Four and the Avengers stop the Hulk? or will they be left at a stand still?  Can Rick Jones communicate and get though the angered and rage filled hulk? and how will this epic end, and will we as fan’s be satisfied, read my review to see what I think of the now classic Fantastic Four #26. (more…)

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Fantastic Four #25
The Hulk Vs. The Thing

April 12, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

For this comic book review, I sit down to read and review what the cover calls “A Marvel Super-Spectacular!” and “the battle of the century!” But what can it be?  well the cover tells us to, and as any long time marvel fan would know, the other words could not be a lie, to quote the cover yet again “This is the big One! The Incredible Hulk Versus The Thing!”  you may be thinking to yourself, they have met, and faced each other before, and that is true in Fantastic Four #12 but it was not quite like this. As those whom have also been reading the avengers would be able to tell you, the hulk is a bit more out of control as of late.

But is this battle of legacy, and one that has in one form or another repeated itself across marvels history be truly spectacular at this time? check out my review and you will see what I think! Now for a review, in not quite the order you may expect.  (more…)

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Fantastic Four #24
The Infant Terrible!

April 10, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

From the moment I picked up Fantastic Four #24 to read it for my comic book review, I did not know what to expect. From just seeing the words “the Infant Terrible” right below the title, with the arrow that inform’s me that I never read a tale or seen a creature like this.   and then below, the picture of the strange creature, and the Fantastic Four, small by comparison engaged in futile combat while the whole universe seems to be in the creatures hands.

But is this tale as classic as the cover says? or would the word Terrible be better to describe it?  I knew this was one I would have to read before I even had a hint in my mind of what to expect. (more…)

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Fantastic Four #23
The Master Plan of Doctor Doom!

March 26, 2012 | Drew | (2 Comments)

For today’s comic book review I read Fantastic Four #23,  titled “The Master Plan of Doctor Doom!” that is right, Dr. Doom is back, and seeing to eliminate the Fantastic Four yet again.  But is his plan one that is destined to succeed? or will we see Dr. Doom stopped yet again?  (more…)

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