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Avengers: Season One

March 19, 2013 | Drew | (No Comments)

While I was not expecting more Season One books, after last years batch, I was pleased when I learned that there would be – at least a few –  more this year.    So I found myself waiting with great anticipation and curiously  as my chance to read Avengers: Season One grew closer.

However with this one, I was not sure what to expect or hope for; the avengers don’t really have a shared Origin as individual’s, but their team most certainly does have one.  But how could and how would one go about retelling, modernizing the classic tale, and give a feeling of the early  Avenger’s. I really had no idea what to expect.

In fact, this one is  much like the Hulk: Season One  and Doctor Strange: Season One.  as opposed to Fantastic Four’s and the X-men’s  season one titles; in that it’s not so much  a retelling of classic stories, or even a filling of the gap’s between those early issues, as it is a new adventure worked into (and likely inspired by)  one or more of the early issues. (more…)

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Doctor Strange: Season One

September 18, 2012 | Drew | (1 Comment)

This comic book review is for Doctor Strange: Season One; and  with it I plan to uphold the same level of expectations i did for the other season one titles I reviewed.  If you would like to know more about my methods or my view points on season one as a whole,  you can check out my review of Fantastic Four: Season one, as I covered those in my introduction there.

But, I feel in some ways Doctor Strange is unique, among the classic marvel hero’s.  Instead of smashing and beating up enemies, he usually obtained victory with wits, and a bit of magic.  Limited most by his own imagination; he could easily achieve his goal with minimum direct confrontation.  so as opposed to when I reviewed the Hulk story and expected to see him smash, In Dr. Strange I hoped to see him think.  I hope to see the same elements that I feel drew in college age readers for his classic (even if Trippe and out there) Tales.  (more…)

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Hulk:Season One

August 21, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

When it came to opening Hulk: Season One and reading it for the first time, i was unsure what to think or expect. like many of our hero’s the Hulk has evolved over the years, given both a deeper background, and understanding then what was possible in the early issues.

What I hoped to get what a good taste of that depth from over the years, but I knew it would come with a cost; the real question would be, if that cost would be worth it.

if you like you can go back and read the start of my review for Fantastic Four: Season One to get an understanding of how I decided to go about reviewing these volumes, or you can just dive right in, and see what I think. (more…)

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Ant-Man:Season One

July 17, 2012 | Drew | (2 Comments)

I was filled with excitement as I opened Ant-Man Season One for the first time.  Ironic considering that until I stared doing this site, he was not even in the list of my favorite hero’s  but his early stories and his character has seemed to grow on me; So much so that a modern In-Continuity retelling I thought would be just the kind of thing for me to love, and to bring new people into contact with the not so well-known hero.

Also so far, my feeling of the Season One stories has been  of how well they have been done.  But this one, is different; even as I sit down to do my comic book  review of it, it leaves me divided.  I did love the art and story, but I also feel it fell short of the goals of the season one titles. (more…)

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Spider-Man:Season One

May 9, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

Just as I reviewed Fantastic Four: Season One, and X-Men: Season One, I now review Spider-Man: Season One. This one featuring without a doubt one of marvel’s most famous hero’s Spider-Man, as much a classic and great back in the 60’s as he is now.  But just like the other Marvel books in the Season One event, we have his earliest tales being told again with a modern perspective.  all while trying to maintain a connection to the original continuity, to serve as a starting point for new fan’s and yet to offer something for long running fans as well.  The question’s I must ask myself in writing this review is how well it lived up to those goals, as well as how well it entertained me.

Then we have to consider that this is far from the first retelling of his early days, Just to name the ones that pop into mind right away for spider-man would be, Ultimate Spider-Man, that started in 2000,  then in 2002 we had The first of 3 films featuring spider-man Staring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.  then this year we have a new movie set to debut and start from the beginning once again.  and i barely scratched the surface of spider-man origin retelling’s so in this case, one must keep in mind what makes this one special and different? But I will get to that, later at the end of my review. (more…)

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X-Men: Season One

April 6, 2012 | Drew | (1 Comment)

For today, I sit down to read the second volume released in marvel’s Season One event. This time going to a personal favorite of mine, the X-Men.  My plan is to use the same format and qualities I used for the Fantastic Four Season One story in reviewing X-Men Season One. So if you would like to know more about my methods please feel free to check out the introduction review of that volume.

What I will restate for people who may not be familiar with the season one goals, is that these are designed to be in continuity retelling that will make sence to a modern audience and to take into account the personalities that would have developed for the characters along the way.

this means that they are not identical, the same, or even for some equivalent to the original early tales, but to be an easy way to get into the series, and have a basic understanding of the early tales and origins. (more…)

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Fantastic Four: Season One

February 16, 2012 | Drew | (2 Comments)

For today’s comic book review I am braking from my trend of working up though the classics to cover one that was released recently, even if it is a retelling of stories I already read and reviewed.   Today I read the Graphic Novel Fantastic Four: Season one

but with sitting down to read and review the first such retelling for Marvels ongoing Season one releases, I have decided I was going to approach it  a bit differently then I do the classics that where completely new and original when they where released.  If you want to read more about Marvel Season One, here is a link to information from Marvel itself. (more…)

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