Category: Season One 2012

  • Avengers: Season One

    Avengers: Season One

    Pubished: Sep 25th 2012 | Review: 2 Stars

    While I was not expecting more Season One books, after last years batch, I was pleased when I learned that there would be – at least a few –  more this year.    So I found myself waiting with great anticipation and curiously  as my chance to read Avengers: Season One grew closer. However with this one,…

  • Doctor Strange: Season One

    Doctor Strange: Season One

    Pubished: Apr 12th 2012 | Review: 3.5 Stars

    This comic book review is for Doctor Strange: Season One; and  with it I plan to uphold the same level of expectations i did for the other season one titles I reviewed.  If you would like to know more about my methods or my view points on season one as a whole,  you can check out my…

  • Hulk:Season One

    Hulk:Season One

    Pubished: Aug 15th 2012 | Review: 3.75 Stars

    When it came to opening Hulk: Season One and reading it for the first time, i was unsure what to think or expect. like many of our hero’s the Hulk has evolved over the years, given both a deeper background, and understanding then what was possible in the early issues. What I hoped to get…

  • Ant-Man:Season One

    Ant-Man:Season One

    Pubished: Jul 11th 2012 | Review: 3 Stars

    I was filled with excitement as I opened Ant-Man Season One for the first time.  Ironic considering that until I stared doing this site, he was not even in the list of my favorite hero’s  but his early stories and his character has seemed to grow on me; So much so that a modern In-Continuity…

  • Spider-Man:Season One

    Spider-Man:Season One

    Pubished: May 09th 2012 | Review: 4.5 Stars

    Just as I reviewed Fantastic Four: Season One, and X-Men: Season One, I now review Spider-Man: Season One. This one featuring without a doubt one of marvel’s most famous hero’s Spider-Man, as much a classic and great back in the 60’s as he is now.  But just like the other Marvel books in the Season One event, we have…

  • X-Men: Season One

    X-Men: Season One

    Pubished: Mar 14th 2012 | Review: 4 Stars

    For today, I sit down to read the second volume released in marvel’s Season One event. This time going to a personal favorite of mine, the X-Men.  My plan is to use the same format and qualities I used for the Fantastic Four Season One story in reviewing X-Men Season One. So if you would like to know more…

  • Fantastic Four: Season One

    Fantastic Four: Season One

    Pubished: Feb 22nd 2012 | Review: 4.25 Stars

    For today’s comic book review I am braking from my trend of working up though the classics to cover one that was released recently, even if it is a retelling of stories I already read and reviewed.   Today I read the Graphic Novel Fantastic Four: Season one but with sitting down to read and review the first…