Invisible Girl

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Real Name: Sue Storm
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1

Sue Storm is a Founding member of the Fantastic Four, Having been turned into Invisible Girl by cosmic rays.

She is quite likely the heart of the Fantastic Four, and  the glue that keeps them together by being engaged to Reed Richards,  and the sister of Johnny Storm.  it is unclear if she has any direct connection or history with Ben Grimm, however he does express an interest in her in the early issues. therefore putting her in some ways the center of a conflict between Ben and Reed.

She has also expressed an attraction to Namor the Sub-Mariner; making the love triangle of the Fantastic Team more intresting.

While being a member of the Fantastic Four, she lives with her brother in Glenville (See Strange Tale’s stories featuring The Human Torch)

Based on Content from Fantastic Four #1 to Fantastic Four #9[/paged]

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