Iron Man

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Real Name:Tony Stark
Member of: Avengers

Iron Man, who’s secret identity is Tony Stark, Playboy industrialist and weapons manufacture for the U.S. Government became a hero after his capture in Vietnam. not only is he the prisoner, but he also finds himself nearing death. Thus in a race to save his life, and regain his freedom he develops the Iron Man suit instead of the weapons that his captors request, and free himself.
Tony Stark is left, needing to maintain the iron-man chest plate on for life to keep his heart beating. But despite that he maintains The Iron Man identity, and becomes a super-hero fighting crime. He also heads down the path to keep his identity secret, like so many hero’s before him.

as Tony Stark he is often seen in the company of a beautiful woman, his assistant Pepper Potts or his bodyguard & chauffeur Happy Hogan, whom he hired after he saved his life during a race car accident.
Iron Man, later became one of the founding members of the Avengers.[/paged]

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