The Human Torch

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Real Name:Johnny Storm
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1

Johnny Storm is a founding member of the Fantastic Four, Having been turned into The Human Torch by cosmic rays, during Reed Richards spaceships test flight.

Johnny stands apart from the other 3 in key ways. for one he is the youngest member of the team, still a teenager in the early issues.  As such he acts accordingly at times.  being quick with a jab and has a ongoing tension with  The Thing.

I suspect that it started as friendly jab’s, however this builds to violence on more than one occasion, leaving it to Reed and sue to break Johnny and the thing up.

Johnny’s main attachment to the Fantastic Four is though his sister Sue, whom is engaged to Reed Richards. in the early issues it is unclear where Sue & Johnny’s parents are.

Johnny lives with Sue in Glenville long island

Based on Information from Fantastic Four #1 to Fantastic Four #9

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