Rest In Peace Joe Simon

Today I am sad to have learned of Joe Simon’s death, and may he rest in peace as we offer him a  few short words and a few moments of silent memory. Joe was born on October 11th 1913 in Rochester New York, and died December 14th 2011.

Joe Simon was one of comic book’s great creators,  He is perhaps best known for being the co-creator of Captain America along with Jack Kirby. But Captain America was far from  his only contribution from the comic book industry.

Joe & Jack worked extensively on other classics including Sandman, Boy Commando’s and Manhunter.  We all owe the great a deal to his creative vision,  even with him being from an era when comic creators did not get near enough credit. if you would like to read more on Joe I would suggest you pick up a copy of his book, an illustrated autobiography.

Thank you Joe for all your great work, and you will be remembered.


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