Watchmen #2
Absent Friends

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Cover Date: Nov 1985




        To start with a quote from the second chapter of the watchmen:

        “Rorschach’s Journal. October 16th 1985…

        .. Edward Morgan Blake. Born 1924 Forty-five years a comedian. Died 1985, Buried in the rain.  Is that what happens to us? a life of conflict with no time for friends. so that when it’s done, only our enemies leave roses. “

        The second chapter is all really about burying an old friend.  I feel it no spoiler to say the Comedian is dead, and this chapter is about him, though the eyes of those who knew him. 

        Memories of the Watchmen
        The Life of the Comedian.

        Edward Blake is the star of the story, or at least this chapter. He may be dead,  but though learning about him, we learn about the living and the world.  Chapter II focuses on Edward bakes Funeral.  More so how it affects each of his friends.

        This chapter recaps memories of the comedian from many of the characters of the story.

        We relive memories from the following:

        • Sally Jupiter
        • Adrian Veidt
        • Dr. Manhattan
        • Daniel Dreiberg
        • Edgar William Jacobi
        notably missing is Sally Jupiter and Rorschach from having memories they shared.

        Who was the Comedian? and why is it key?

        Though the sharing of these memories we have a few key things, first and foremost we learn who the comedian was, we get to see him throughout his life at key points in the lives of the people he knew.

        In this chapter we get to know Edward Blake, both as  a young comedian as well as an old one.  But in learning about our dead hero, we also learn about those whom are still living. In the stories remembered and shared with the readers, we also gain insight into the rest of our cast.

        This shows to be a great way to achieve character development. To build both the world history as well as our cast of players. We learn both how they feel about themselves and each other though their memories of their absent friends.

        Rorschach’s investigation
        The watchmen continue

         While remembering the Comedian for all that he was, the story continues more though the actions of Rorschach.  He is the driving force for the story, both in chapter one and chapter two, it is though him that we gain our greatest insights.

        A Hero’s Friend , his nemesis

        Read closely, the parts where Edgar Jacobi is being questioned by Rorschach and shares what he remembers from his visit from the now dead Eddie Blake.  I feel this is filled with hints and some of the key driving factors of the ongoing story.

        Rorschach’s Journal

        the words of the hero Rorschach as recorded in his ongoing Journal are also key for the ongoing story.  they are the best connection to our protagonist, as well as his questionable mental state.

        He is quite blunt and crude with his words, he tells us how he see’s it, and holds nothing back,  is this possible insight to what a real masked hero would become like?

        The Journal does drive the story, remind us what we need to remember and know.  Rorschach and his Journal are key to our understanding of the watchmen.

        Under the Hood, Continued.

        In the second volume, under the hood is continued, and perhaps more important than the first.  where last time, we gain more insight into the motivations and background of the original  Nite Owl. This time we begin to delve into the early days of the hero’s, as well as all there motives and view points.

        It is excellent at hinting at so much, saying it so wonderfully, yet leaving room for interpolation, room for the story to continue to grow in other ways as the watchmen epic continues.



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        1. I don’t know if anybody else has ever put this theory forward, but in issue 11 it seemed obvious to me that Adrian Veidt spent his inheritance on plastic surgery to make himself look like Alexander. This is why his face is not seen in the flashbacks until this happens and why Rorschach says in the first panel in issue 1; “This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face.”
          Have you heard this before?
          Steve Cox

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