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        Background on the watchmen

        If there ever has been a comic book story that stood on its own, it has been the watchmen,  Originally published between 1986 & 1987 as a 12 issue comic  book limited series. and created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It is likely one of the greatest comic book tales of all time.

        I am already a big fan of the graphic novel, and the movie, although It has been some time since I read it. Part of me reviewing it, involves reading it again. Part by part.

        As such, I am braking my watchmen review down into 14 parts.  this part, being the first, and being more background than anything.  Then I will talk about all 12 Issues or chapters independently. Lastly I will put everything together as one review for one epic story. My posts on the watchmen will occur in bi-weekly installments.

        Content of the watchmen

        The content of the watchmen is not suitable for all age groups. While I do think it is a valuable read for any individual. the adults out there should pick it up and read it before letting there children to the same.

        I feel this should be the case for anything you let your kid read or watch. Remember parents just because it’s a comic or its animated does not mean it’s intended for children.

        Index of Reviews:

        As this is intended to be the beginning point of the Review, I will update this post as I review the watchmen, creating an index for the whole set of reviews.

        • Watchmen Chapter I
        • Watchmen Chapter II
        • Watchmen Chapter III
        • Watchmen Chapter IV
        • Watchmen Chapter V
        • Watchmen Chapter VII
        • Watchmen Chapter VIII
        • Watchmen Chapter IX
        • Watchmen Chapter X
        • Watchmen Chapter XI
        • Watchmen Chapter XII
        Before reading further into my editorial, commentary and reviews though, at least on the topic of the watchmen, I would highly encourage you to pick up the graphic novel. and read the story for yourself. you will be glad you did. you can get it here:WATCHMEN


        Why read the watchmen?

        You don’t have to take my word for it. lots of people have said to read the watchmen over the years.  in 2005 Time’s Magazine listed the 100 greatest novels list. The Watchmen is the only graphic novel to make the list! They are far from the only one to give the novel such kind words.

        But I have written enough in my pre-review. it is time to get to work. as the first review will come your way fast in a couple of weeks.

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