Amazing Adventures #6:Dr. Droom Defies the Menace Called… Krogg!

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This is the 5th and last review of Dr. Droom.  I hope you enjoyed this week of focused comic book reviews as much as I did.   In some ways it is a shame, that the by far story that seemed to have the biggest development was destined to be the  end of it.

by far is still did not have much depth to the development, but in reading it, you feel that Dr. Droom had met his first Nemesis.  I Believe fully that Krogg would have been the one they turn back to over and over as the stories went on.. if they did.


The story meets the same layout as the last few, Something happens, people can’t explain it, so they call in Dr. Droom to investigate. Just like the rest of the stories, he does get to the bottom of it.

In some ways Dr. Droom is almost like a mystical and american Sherlock homes, investigating the unexplainable. Or perhaps he is an early Fox Molder from X-files.

But his stories all meet the same simple format, and are just enough to give you the feeling of a quick and satisfying read.


The art of this issue is consistent with what I have seen in the other 4 Dr. Droom tales.  from the use of shadows and light, to the creative tinting to give the slight feeling of mystery to the works.

Characters & Development

This comic book story stands on its own two feet with development. we do learn a few key things in it about Dr. Droom. First and foremost he likes to work alone.

In addition to that simple fact, we also find him gaining a nemesis. the one that got away, but promised revenge.  I feel this is the story where potential began to show itself. However it will be a while before we would see him again, and by then. he will have suffered a name change to Dr. Druid.

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