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With the Touching, developing and non-crime fighting First story of Amazing Spider-Man #1 down, it leaves one more to go before a complete comic book review of the issue would be done.

Spider-Man Vs. The Chameleon is a great story, and brings with it some great guest-stars Namely The Fantastic Four!.  That’s right, it’s just the First issue of Amazing Spider-Man and it’s already bring us amazing guests.



The story follows on what the first half of the issue built for us, Peter Parker thinking about the need for money to help provide for him and his Aunt.  it is with this that he makes the realization that The Fantastic Four would likely welcome him on their team and help with the money issues.

This leads our hero off to apply for the job, and his approach does not go unnoticed by the Fantastic Four or the public.  After a brief encounter and a bit of the hero Vs. hero action marvel is known for Spider-Man leaves the Fantastic Four believing that it was a waste of time.

His visit does not go unseen by The Chameleon though, whom plans to use him as a perfect scapegoat for his crimes.  with Spider-Man already wanted by the law, does this succeed?  was the Fantastic Four a waste of time? read and you decide.

Well Written, but too cram-packed

I believe that this comic book story was well written,  it has everything we want in a superhero comic. but it did feel too cram-packed, even for its time. I know back in that day, a comic story, the whole story would typically be resolved in one issue, or less for a super-hero. unlike later stories where the story line would continue for issues before anything is resolved.

But the 2nd story of this issue just pack’s way to much into it. The Fantastic Four’s action, the Chameleon, and more in 10 pages. I feel that this is partly after the first story wanting to follow it up with one of a lot more action.  but it also leaves me to wonder, was the Fantastic Four in this story for the sake of the story? or where they worked in so that marvel could try to sell more issues and kick off spider-man with a bang?


I see the artwork of this comic book almost as a whole; this 2nd story is no better or worse than the first.   I do feel that there was  good job done by Steve Ditko in rendering the Fantastic Four. But The Chameleon’s design leaved a little to be desired.

There where some wonderful panels, of spider-man in the dark, and even the way the night is done.  it is one of the strongest points of art of the story.  one that I hope is used again.

Originality & Continuity

The story fits quite well in with the all to short continuity of Spider-Man.  It also right from the get go works to put spider-man into a shared universe with the Fantastic Four.   this is working down the road of one shared marvel universe for the hero’s.

The Fantastic Four are portrayed in a way that I feel sticks to their continuity, but does not require a Fantastic Four fan to read Spider-Man #1.

Characters & Development


Peter Parker & Spider-Man’s biggest growth came in the first story, but what this story offered was some solid reinforcement for that. As well as a true view of what he will be like as a super-hero fighting crime.  Combined with the first story, it makes Amazing Spider-Man #1 a must read!

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Cover Date: Mar 1963
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  • John Duffy
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Amazingly Fantastic&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733½&#9734
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