Daredevil #1:The Origin Of Daredevil

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This comic book review is of Daredevil #1,  who’s cover uses the fantastic Four, and Spider-Man to say how great this comic book will be. But does this classic first issue and Origin story meet my expectation’s. ones that Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four both helped to set, or was marvel blinded by their ego’s with the self promotion on this classic cover? 


I feel that the artwork that Bill Everett did for Daredevil #1 was of a high-grade, offering a great level of detail to both the characters and to the environment in a style that seems all his own.  Take for example the opening of the story, where we have the outside of Fogwell’s Gym.   the rundown neighborhood, the signs, even the cat all give it character.

Then after that the next panel starts dark, and the light and detail builds on the inside until the last panel of that page, where we see daredevil for the first time entering the inside of the club; with no lack of detail for any of the characters in time.

In fact this last panel goes beyond that, with all the people in the gym looking quite different from the clean, and glowing Daredevil who just entered, offering contrast from the world that was to what we are entering into.  an artistic effect that I feel was quite intentional and well received by me.

while some of the pages after that, loose the background detail from time to time, overall it is always their when the scene changes and we need it, leaving the rest of the issue just as good as the opening.

Originality & Continuity

at this point, there is little to talk about when it comes to continuity for our new hero. However we can move on to originality. As far as I know (and I welcome someone to correct me) Daredevil is the first Blind superhero.  We have had other handicap superhero’s such as Professor Xavier; but none other than daredevil yet without sight.

I feel this speaks well for Stan lee and marvel of the time, in looking for new ways to make different hero’s whom are in their own way facing life’s problems.  I feel Stan lee knew what his audience wanted, and daredevil is just another way of giving it to them.

Characters & Development

Everyone is new at this point, including our new star Daredevil, and in this first volume he does get all the attention we could hope for. As for his first job as a costumed crime fighter, he tracks down and catches the people responsible for his father’s death.  But what keeps him moving on and putting on the suit? this issue gives us little to tell us that, but perhaps we will know at a later date.


Overall the story is easy to read and follow and by using the writing technique of In Medias res, we get into the action a bit before we learn what everything is out; giving the readers a bit of investment to learn about the new hero they have just seen in action before the tale reaches  its climatic end.

In fact this method worked quite well for this story; I feel if it was told in a linear fashion the tale would have been a lot less interesting then letting us see some ass kicking first.

Book Information:
Cover Date: Apr 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Bill Everett
  • Sam Rosen
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Originality And Continuity&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734
Character And Development&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734&#9734&#9734
Blind Justice&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734
  • Daredevil
  • The Fixer
  • Foggy Nelson
  • Karen Page
  • Battling Murdock
  • Porky
  • Sam
  • Slade
Locations And Things:
  • Fogwell’s Gym






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