Fantastic Four #10:The Return of Doctor Doom

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In Fantastic Four #10 we have everything, a great villain Dr. Doom, We have Jack Kirby and Stan Lee making guest appearances as themselves. if nothing else, Seeing Jack & Stan in print makes this a must read. But does a guest appearance of the writers and creators of our stars make it good? or is it good no matter what?


The Story is a simple one, it starts out as a not so normal day for four not so normal people.  Three of them in caged in experiments while the thing visits Alicia whom is firmly being set in as his Girlfriend.

but then we cut to a different scene. the office of Jack & Stan. whom are discussing the plot for there next (This issue) of Fantastic Four.  When Dr. Doom shows up, and uses them to lore the Fantastic Four into a trap.

Oh, and one more thing, just as the cover suggest, in this great issue you will see Dr. Doom as the good guy and Mr. Fantastic as the menace! this story has everything.


The most standing out element of the issue, and the one artistic thing I wish to talk about the most, is how In every panel that features Jack & Stan,  they manage to be obscured,  there ether facing away from us,  or in shadows, to keep  the detail of their appearance to a minimum.  I find this to be quite a creative use of the creators without giving us too much of their appearance.

In addition to this, the art seemed quite well done,  from the sinister look always on ‘Mr. Fantastic’s’ face in the later part of the issue,  the all telling eval grin that reminds the reader that all is not as some suspect.

Originality & Continuity

This issue does a good job of writing in the return of Dr. Doom.  the way they wrote him out seemed kind of final, yet he was able to return.  Then in this issue, they write him out again in a way that would seem like that is the last we will see of him. However, I believe this issue also foreshadows and for tells of his return.  after all  to quote Jack’s character

“We sure can’t come up with a Menace like him every day!”

The continued appearances of Alicia Masters and the growing relationship with The thing, also speaks well of the Continuity of the story.  it is something that they are letting grow a few frames to a few pages at a time; but the fact that we have seen her every issue from Fantastic Four#8 where she was introduced is a good point

Now lets talk about Jack Kirby and Stan lee appearing in their own comic? that’s new and original right? it’s not like comic creators have appeared in the comics before. This is the first comic I reviewed that this happened in, but I do happen to know otherwise. This is by far nowhere near a complete list

  • Boy Commandos #1: had  Jack Kirby and Joe Simon appear in it (1942-43)
  • Astonishing #4(1951): Stan lee made an appearance

This is nowhere near a complete list, but it shows that not only has this been done before, but done by both Stan & Jack. That does not make this braking of the 4th wall unoriginal, or even destroy the continuity.  They did it in quite a good way to fit the ongoing story.

Characters & Development

The relationship growth of The thing and Alicia Masters alone makes  me happy with the character growth and development of this issue. I know in comics they don’t want to take things too quickly.

but beyond that, this issue gave some depth to Dr. Doom, one of fantastic Fours great nemesis and one of two that have repeated so far in the 10 issues we have had.  putting Dr. Doom and Namor both at having 3 appearances in 10 issues. I strongly suspect we will see them both again before another 10 issues pass us by.

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