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For today’s comic book review i am proud to bring the story titled “A Skrull Walks Among Us!” from Fantastic Four #18; this is the second appearance of the alien race the Skrull in marvel, and the first appearance of Super-Skrull.

To provide a short Summery of Fantastic Four #18, we have the story begin with our hero’s relaxing, but it turns out while there at rest, far far away the skrull empire is preparing.   Wanting to get rid of the Fantastic Four, after they foiled them in the second issue; their plan, to create a Super-Skrull, a solder with all the powers of the Fantastic Four, only greater. In this they succeed and send him to earth to start their conquest.

Can The Fantastic Four, defeat an opponent who can duplicate each of their power’s and use them better?  Is the Skrull plan as full proof as they suspect, can there solder not be defeated?


taking this story as a stand alone peace, separate from others, and  from the Skrull story in Fantastic Four #2, it reads quite well. I feel that Stan Lee did a good job with both the plot and scripting to give us a compelling and interesting tale, filled with risk and danger.

This issue also has two story element’s almost conflicting. As you will read below, I feel that this story came with a blow to Continuity in favor of great Development’s to the marvel universe.


Jack Kirby’s art work was top-notch for this issue, the Skrull’s where as funny looking as original, and the super-skrull had great emphasis that, There are two panels that come to mind, that must be shown when discussing the artwork of this issue, and how good Jack Kirby did. The first being Super-Skrull in time square. the whole scene is just comical and purposeful.  It has everything one could hope for in an alien landing right in new york.

The second panel comes from before the first in the issue, but it again illustrates just how good Jack does with alien designs,  I assume this is the Skrull royal throne room.  These two panels impressed me greatly, but the whole issue was top-notch, and shows us that Jack Kirby was on the top of his game doing Fantastic Four 18.

Originality & Continuity

We have just a short time ago read a story of a duplicate of a hero in Journey Into Mystery #95, where Thor faced a duplicate of himself, only one who is more powerful. This seems to be the same concept, only instead of  a duplicate Fantastic Four, its one alien whom has all there powers.

I am also disturbed by how this story does not seem to match up with how  Fantastic Four #2 ended.  That issue, had the skrulls leaving earth without realizing that the Fantastic Four was responsible for their defeat.  it almost seems like there was a missing chapter between the two stories, or that  they needed to at least come up with some dialogue to show that they realized they were tricked by the Fantastic Four.

I did greatly like the beginning of the issue, where it references their last adventure; by showing us the news clip with Dr. Doom in it while the Fantastic Four are sitting around watching.  This panel definitely helped the story get off to a good start; it’s just a shame what when it comes to continuity i don’t feel it kept it.

Characters & Development

The Skrull Race and Super-Skrull

As much as I feel that this issue did Continuity a disservice, for the Skrull race collectively it immortalized them. it is with this issue that the Skrull become our first marvel repeat invaders.  No other race has tried to take earth twice yet, and we have seen plenty of alien invasion stories, 11 so far in fact, and a total of 17 alien races seen. 

This issue also starts to flesh out the Skull in a way that will make them a great repeat cast, so a small sacrifice for continuity, is a great victory for the Skrull.

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