Fantastic Four #29:It Started On Yancy Street!

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Wonder who its from? go on and guess, or go read the comic!

I feel that Fantastic Four #29, had one of the greatest, and most iconic covers of its day, if not even in the top covers of all time.  Showing our four heroes seeming nervous as they walk along Yancy Street, with the watcher in the background with the universe speaking all around him.  the colors being left to the foreground and the background, with the mid-ground  Yancy Street itself, being sort of grey, with black lines to show what detail and shadows need to be seen. Speaking of shadows,  our four heroes shadows stretching forward to the reader, and off the page just adds to the flow of the cover.  In fact, I doubt only I feel this cover is great; it was selected for the cover of Fantastic Four, Vol. 3 . But I am not hear to judge a comic book on the cover alone, even a cover as great at this one.

In this issue, we have the Fantastic Four on patrol on Yancy Street; but it turns out that the Red Ghost is behind much of the disruption they currently face, and quickly works to capture our hero’s and bring them to the Moon to finish them off. How can our heroes save themselves from there doomed fate? and what role with the watcher play in all this before it is done?  these are all important questions.


Jack Kirby Photo Collages

Jack Kirby Photo Collage from Fantastic Four 29

Normally I would talk about the artwork of the issue, as a whole,  but in the case of fantastic Four #29 that would be irresponsible of me. This issue, more than the great cover marked a landmark for comic books for Jack Kirby. Just as he was a great penciler – perhaps even the best –  he was always seeking to try new things explore new ideas, and thus, his photo Collages.

In  this issue of Fantastic Four, there was just one panel (included for yo to see). but this is something he would build upon over time; and eventually lead to greater and greater use in other story lines and comics. (the Negative Zone was original intended to be done via Collages) .  If nothing else you have to give him benefits for creativity.

Now for those of you who have not yet read Fantastic Four #29, allow me to describe what you are seeing; a spaceship approaching the moon from the earth, with the Fantastic Four Inside as hostages.

The Rest of the Art

 Dont get me wrong, with all this talk of the cover, and the collage; the rest of the artwork was of the standard expected of Jack Kirby. Top notched, creative angles ans scenery, wacky gadgets and all, it never left me uninterested. But its not just the blue area of the moon, or the watchers home that Jack brought to life, but Yancy Street as well, where our story begins. Just look at our four hero’s as they flee Yancy Street; showing that sometimes superheros are ill-suited to do the job of law enforcement. (after all if they use their full power on normal people, they would get quite hurt)

Originality & Continuity

Jack Kirby style Tech and contraption.

This issue follows what we have seen of the watcher, as well as the Red Ghost quite well, fitting in with what we would expect. It also  gives us a chance to build upon the Yancy Street gang perhaps more than we have ever before.  This time, letting them leave their impact on both our hero’s and there books cover.

Characters & Development

In this issue our characters and their development comes most from  just showing us the camaraderie they have for each other. The first few pages on Yancy Street are priceless. Even more so given just how the story ends.  Our team of Superheros may often be found bickering among themselves, but when anything stands against them, they show us time and again that they stand together.


In the end everything came together, to make a brilliant story, that was well written and executed. From cover to artwork, to just the way the issue feels.  This one is one that I feel deserves the utmost applause .

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Cover Date: Aug 1964
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  • Stan Lee
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  • Chick Stone
  • S. Rosen
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