Fantastic Four #33:Side-By-Side with Sub-Mariner!

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In the epic tale that unfolds this issue we find the Fantastic Four after being appealed to by the Lady Dorma fighting “side by side” with Namor the Sub-Mariner. As the reader learns, Dorma, in the name of love betrayed Namor to an invader named Attuma before seeking out our four hero’s to help there one time and still occasional nemesis.

The Fantastic Four, agreeing to help take to the see, and indeed make an impact to the battle that likely turned the tied of victory in favor the the Atlantean King Namor. They all do this wile striving to remain unseen by Namor or his forces for fear that he would take them as a threat.

Character & Development

Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Atlantians

Namor grows in this issue, as the King of Atlantis defends them against invasion, and we also see him as the hero of his story. In time, many Marvel villains that debut in this era will be given depth, but Namor gets to be an Anti-Hero in many ways already. This issue, we get to see it more as he is not in opposition to the Fantastic Four. Helping Namor here is partly because he is better and more predictable than the alternative. That is no small measure of growth for the Atlanteans. Lady Dorma also grows, makes mistakes, learns from them, and comes through in good graces with Namor.

Sue Storm and the one-time love triangle with Namor

This issue helps confirm what I said last on the subject. Sue and Namor are over. She does not have any thoughts on the matter throughout the issue and thinks Lady Dorma would make a great queen for the the King. Reed has a passing thought on the subject at the end, but he comes to the same conclusion as I do. It seems Stan and Jack, at last, closed the door on that plot thread. (not to say that doors can’t be reopened)

Originality & Continuity

This story does an excellent job of building upon what came before (without a lot of baggage on the details) and pushing things forward in new and interesting ways. Namor almost get to share the spotlight as the protagonist while the Fantastic Four aid him unseen. Moreover, we have the hero choosing to help an enemy who may be less of a threat than the one he faces and doing so upon the request of an unlikely ally from his court.


This all ties up into a nice and enjoyable story and works to build up my desire not only to see what happens for the Fantastic Four next but also Namor and his growing support cast. Then for our heroes, we get to see them take on the significant risk of drowning to help someone who tried to kill them. With the threat of drowning resurfacing just as the story between Namor and Attuma is wrapping up.


Not only do we have a full-page photo collage on the inside of this issue, but Kirby moves the art form to the cover this month as the Fantastic Four get to explore the under the sea world. But Jack Kirby’s photo collages aside, this issue sported some fantastic Art. We have Kirby contraptions as weapons for the invading forces and active and engaging combat scenes with as much depth as the sea around them.

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Cover Date: Dec 1964
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  • Stan Lee
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