Incredible Hulk #3:Banished To Outer Space

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 subtitled this Banished to outer space, but that is really just the first story in this issue,  Incredible Hulk #3 featured 2 great story’s divided by a retelling of the origin for anyone whom may have missed it back in issue #1.  This time the origin is more from Rick’s perspective. Even if you know the hulks long view on some level, you might just find the events of this issue surprising. Seriously, if you’re a big Hulk fan, stop reading, and go read this issue now! you can read it in: Marvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1 

Issue #3 I feel is a vast improvement over the last issue, although that is not saying too much. but both stories where compelling read’s , even though the 2nd was at its heart a hypnosis story. The twist the issue plays with the overused concept I thought made it worth it.


Banished To Outer Space

The first part of the story starts where the last issue left off, with Dr. Banner with the help of Rick Jones locking himself into the prison that they made for the hulk just before nightfall. After being locked in for the night, a tired Rick goes off to get some much-needed sleep.

on his way back to his home the military find him and bring him to General “thunderbolt” Ross. The General pitches to Rick what is a clear lie to the reader’s that he needs the Hulk for the good of the nation to test out a rocket.

Rick is fooled and helps bring the Hulk in for the test,  but soon after launch he learns that it was all a lie,  He manages to bring the hulk back by using the controls that no one is watching, but it’s after the ship passed though the radiation belt.  as a result Rick gets zapped and gains a control over the Hulk,  unfortunately for Dr. Bruce Banner though, it seems he is now stuck in the Hulk form.

This first story was quite good, and compelling. I feel it fits the concepts that they had for the character, however it does bring about drastic changes to the story concept. mainly Rick Jones control over the Hulk and him being stuck as the Hulk at all times.

The Origin of The Hulk!

This 2nd part, serves one real purpose. it’s for people whom did not get the last two issue’s. providing a recap of The Hulk’s amazing origin.  I feel this may be quite useful in the time that the issues where originally ran, as it helps people jump into the story and become fan’s.

The origin story is true to the original too, there not using it as an opportunity to try to change details of what has already happened.   I do feel this all could have been done in less than 3 pages in this issue, but I will waste no more words on such a short section.

Will the mighty Hulk be a match for the Ringmaster

This part is the story of a criminal, or more accurate a group of them led by The Ringmaster, there a circus whom uses hypnosis to rob towns blind.  in this part, they end up hypnotizing Rick Jones, whom manages to summon the Hulk to the rescue.

The hulk comes, but does not succeed in his rescue, mainly because Rick falls fully under the effects of the spell, however the FBI agents investigating the circus, eventually free the people whom were hypnotised and track them down, then the Hulk becomes free and helps round-up the Ringmaster. but not a moment to soon for the Military to arrive to try to bring him in.


The art was Fantastic, wait this is not fantastic 4 I should not use that word.. the art was Hulkarific?  the drawings where good and compelling, the emotion in the faces was clear,  and perhaps most importantly, during the flash back the hulk was gray.

over all , the art truly pulled the story together this issue, there was no feeling of the story and art not matching up. it’s aways good when I read an issue and think back and can almost see the action as live.

Originality & Continuity

This story fits in quite well with Continuity,  using the room built after the last, and building onto it.  I also feel it is quite original, (although shooting the hulk to space may be used again someday).  The story does strike me in a way where it both fits, and compels me with a sence of wonder.

The one aspect of Continuity that I must point out. is in this issue they say that the prison is under the sea, when it was my understanding and  perhaps logical assumption that it was under a large lake.

Characters & Development

There was a lot of development for the hulk and Rick this issue, but none for any of the other supporting cast.  In fact, in some ways the development has the potential to change the continuity of the story ever onward for the hulk,  first no longer linking his state to the sun ( but it’s not let linked to emotion that we know of)  instead leaving him stuck as the hulk, and under Rick’s control.

This could have lasting reproduction’s for the stories as they continue, however I feel its more of a play be Lee and Kirby to try to find what will work best for the series and the character’s. None the less I feel that the developments of this issue provided for at least an interesting twist to keep the readers on their toes.  It really surprised me,and  I have an idea where the story ends up in the long run.

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