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As I sat down to read Incredible Hulk #6, the last comic book of the original Incredible Hulk run, I wondered what kind of story I would be in for. Would it be a story suitable for the end of a series, and perhaps a character? would I feel a scene of conclusion?  Did they even know at the time of writing and publishing that this would be the last issue?

I can’t say or speculate at what they did or didn’t know. But as an ending,  I was quite satisfied. So read on and see how my comic book review of Incredible Hulk #6 went. and pick up the last of the original Incredible hulk’s in reprint and read it for yourselves in Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1 (Marvel Masterworks).  The collected volume includes all six issues of the original incredible hulk run.



Our story begin’s out with Bruce Banner being late for the launch of a space probe, unknown to General “Thunderbolt” Ross, this is due to him being delayed getting back to his gamma ray gun and is stuck as the highly wanted Hulk!

However, as the comic book’s often do, the story took a turn as an alien from a distant galaxy shows up, with the strange ability to control metal atom’s. Calling himself the Metal Master he then demands that the earth surrenders to him, but gives them time to come to terms and commit to his rule. Much like Loki did in Journey Into Mystery #88.  toying with the populace of the world, until enough time passes then approaching the capital to claim the world.

In the meantime a captured hulk gets free, and Rick Jones forms the teen brigade. The newly formed group helps Bruce Banner and the hulk build a weapon to use on the Metal Master. Is this weapon successful? Can the hulk stop the strange alien bent on domination?

Reviewing the story

The story was nicely written, it had good dialog and the ongoing development works quite well. it has everything you would want in a full comic book length story.  the conflict is interesting and compelling.

The story handles the multiple conflict’s quite well; as we have the Metal Master, the hulk, and the military that wants to stop them both.  everything comes into play in this story as you read it, making each new page even more important.  Unlike many of the stories of the day, there is no divide; no chapters of clear parts.  it keeps the action and pace building right to the climax.

After the climax and the alien is defeated, the ending is just as good and important, we see more troubles with hulk’s gamma ray machine, as well as some great character developments in the last few pages. it’s not just a victory and an ending. but more of a true closing to the story.

As an ending

As an ending to the six issue run, it is quite great. you could even view all six issues as one great epic story, with this as its last chapter. it closes up every open thread with some satisfaction, only the last panel leaves hints as to the future that is to come.


I am not sure why Steve Ditko did the last issue instead of Jack Kirby.  While I like how Kirby had been portraying the hulk better, I do think Steve did a fine job, better than he had done with spider-man in my opinion. He does a good job presenting the characters and giving a strong take on The Hulk to bring it to a close.

I do kind of wish Jack had done this issue, so that he would have done the whole six issue run, but I do not hold the fact he didn’t against this issue in any way. 

Originality & Continuity

I feel that this story did a good job of closing up the set, and sticking to the continuity that had been established. With the building danger of the gamma ray gun having shown its place, whom knows what Incredible Hulk #7 would have brought us, if it had existed.

For Originality, it felt a lot like a redesigned  Journey Into Mystery #88. Yes there are differences, but it just felt a lot like the same basic story.

Characters & Development

Betty Ross worrying about Bruce Banner

Betty Ross grew a lot in this issue of Incredible Hulk.  she got much of the development that she would have needed to last as a strong supporting character in my opinion. Though her development’s we also seen the development of Bruce Banner, and thus the dialog at the end of the book that provides for the best closing to the Hulk epic I could have hoped for. 

Rick Jones and the development of the Teen Brigade is also a significant development for his character.  This provides the first strong insight of a life for the teenager outside of being the hulk’s sidekick. Growth for his character was greatly needed and the Teen Brigade was a great idea!

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Cover Date: Mar 1963
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  • Stan Lee
  • Steve Ditko
  • Art Simek
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  • Hulk
  • Metal Master
  • Teen Brigade
  • Betty Ross
  • General “Thunderbolt” Ross
  • Rick Jones
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  • Hulk’s Cave
  • Washington DC






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