Journey into Mystery #106:Balder the Brave

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For this “Tales Of Asgard” story, we have Balder the Brave, who appears before Odin is questioned about why he deserted the fight. It is quickly revealed it was to save a bird that fell from the nest. This this Odin sentences him to the test of Mortal death! Even with the begging and petitioning of other men of Asgard Odin refuses to change his mind. so what may save the life of Balder in this story?


Balder, willing to accept his punishment, lines up for execution, but is saved First by a hawk that catches an arrow then the limbs of a plant that shield him from a spear. In the end before Thor lets loose his hammer, Odin reveals the truth of the test to all who bare witness inducing Balder. From that day forth he shell prove invincible

On the whole I found the story pleasant but not exceptional, in the end the drama and threat prove to have not been real and the test little more then a display.


The artwork drawn by Jack Kirby was top notch, I particularly liked the opening page but where the opening page is often one of the strongest pages of a story, I don’t feel let down by what follows. We also get to see a fine example of Jacks imagination with the three legged chair that Oden sits in on page 3.

In Conclusion

I am finding that these tales have been hit or miss; be it the nature of many of them being back stories, or just the depth that can be reached in 5 pages. But where the last one showed that this can be done well, this one I would say when all things are considered lands at about average.

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Cover Date: Jul 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Vince Colletta
  • Art Simek
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  • Asgardians
    • Balder the Brave
    • Odin
    • Honir the Hunter
    • Tyr
    • Thor






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