Journey Into Mystery #111:The Secret of Sigurd

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In this tale, we see Loki again attempt to get at Thor through manipulation instead of direct assault. We see how well Loki can plan, read people and push things his way as he gets Thor and Balder to join him on a shortcut through Sigurd’s forest, knowing that he can get the God of Thunder to do battle with Sigurd and face his “Secret power.”

The Story was entertaining, the best part likely watching Loki and Balder as they watch Thor. Loki perhaps wants to see Thor bested but seems content to just let the cards land where they will. The action between Thor and Siguard is also enjoyable. Then, at the end, the defeat of Siguard as Thor learns the secret is quite clever.

The Work of Jack Kirby on the art is spot on; the wrestling between Thor and Siguard is enjoyable, but you can also read into the faces of Loki and Balder as they watch. It is just as much part of the story as comic art should be.

This is why even though short (even the review is short), I find this story enjoyable. Although, in the end, it tells us more about Loki than Thor.

Book Information:
Cover Date: Dec 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Vince Colletta
  • Art Simek
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  • Asgardians
    • Thor
    • Loki
    • Balder
  • Singuard






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