Journey Into Mystery #91:The Mighty Thor! Battles Sandu Master of the Supernatural!

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After my Comic book Review of Journey Into Mystery #90 yesterday, I had to follow it with issue #91 today.   after such a bad review, I had to know right away if the Thor story from  April 1961’s was better.

To start was the artwork of Joe Sinnott more enjoyable than that of  Al Hartley yesterday?  Then did this issue also have a good plot and story?  all important question’s after following an issue that had a good story but bad art.

But before even reading the story, the cover did a good job of getting me enthusiastic about the content and story. Just look at it,  it is a bit awe-inspiring and detailed. so we where off to a good start.



Our Story starts in the middle, with Thor witnessing a bank robbery, and I don’t mean just people taking the money, I mean the bank itself being taken.  While seeing this crime at this time Thor does not find the source of it.

Then our authors decide to take us back in time, and expose us to the story from the beginning.  and take us right though the robbery again. It is in this that we meet Sandu, a mortal, whose mental powers have been improved greatly by Loki, with the hope of defeating his brother Thor.

His victory seems a sure thing as the conflict continues, and he buries a weakened Thor under a building that he can not get out from under! Does our hero come back to save the day? and if so how?

Comic Review of the Story

beginning the story In medias res, i feel did this story justice. instead of building it from the beginning. Bringing us into the action, and the feeling much quicker before building us the back story.  This is one key way that it helps to make this comic book different from Fantastic Four #3.

I do however feel that the first two panels of foreshadowing as Odin talks about Thor’s belt is unneeded, and helps to make the ending a little more anticlimactic given that the cover also foreshadows the trouble Thor will get into.

The Ultimate defeat of  Sandu felt natural, and I did like it. It speaks a lot about greed and overstepping of the bounds.  how even when you have great power, you will want greater power.


The Art of This comic book story is a lot better than the art of the last issue.  I was quite vocal about not liking the last story, likely more vocal than I will be about this one.

I feel Joe Sinnott did a great job on this issue,   our cast again looks like we would expect them to, and as such more ‘real’ again. I do not know how many uncredited issues he may have inked before he did the art on this one.  but  it does show that he knew how Thor and Dr. Blake should look.

The Grin’s smiles and faces of Loki however is what impressed me the most. While everything else was Better than Last issue, even by leaps and bounds. that’s not saying much. I feel this is the first issue to  give Loki definition in his facial appearance that he deserves.

Originality & Continuity

While I do feel, and see similarity of this story to that of Fantastic Four #2. I do find that this one is original. Sandu’s powers are enhanced by Loki, and the factors of greed take effect right away,  Greed for wealth, and more power consumes Sandu, and his greed and desire for more power is what undoes him more than the action’s of Thor.

This story does fit in well, with the ongoing Continuity; building upon the vow of last issue to not reveal his identity as Thor. this issue gives a bit better of an elaboration as to why he can not let Jane know the truth of his feeling’s for fear of not being able to keep anything from her once she knows that.

Characters & Development

As just mentioned above, there was some development of Dr. Blake’s character and feelings in Jane Foster almost finding out how he feels. It is amazing on wow the thought bubbles show how easily comic book characters can be convinced and swayed by what there told.  Jane Foster among them.

This issue also marks a significant development for Thor, in showing both how much his Father Odin cares, but also that he has other tools at his disposal when he needs them. such as the belt of strength.   It seems all of Asgard except Loki is in Thor’s corner.

Deep Thoughts

Greed, and power are by far two great forces of human existence. it has been the motivation for much of what we do. Wars a well as peace agreements have all been tempered with thoughts of greed and power.

This issue shows just how Power leads to greed and the desire for more power. or in much shorter words Power corrupts.  Our human menaces is nothing more than a carnival show until his powers are boosted by Loki. the power he was given alone is what sends him down the slope to being a villain.

It is still common to have “Black & White” dynamics between hero’s and villain’s at this point in comic book history, where the good guy is all good and the bad guy is bad to the bone.

But this story does dive well into how power corrupts, and how even that corruption is what ends to the downfall of the person of power.

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Cover Date: Apr 1963
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  • Stan Lee
  • Larry Lieber
  • Joe Sinnott
  • Terry Szenics
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Originality And Continuity&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734&#9734&#9734
Character And Development&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734&#9734&#9734
Mysterious Greed&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733½&#9734
  • Gods of Asguard
    • Thor
    • Loki
    • Odin
  • Sandu
  • Jane Forster
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  • Asguard






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