Strange Tales #118
The Possessed!

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Cover Date: Mar 1964

  • Dr. Strange


    • Bavaria

    In today’s review I cover the Dr. Strange story from Strange Tales #118. This tale is the first to offer a new foe seen Dr. Strange’s second story. But does this new story, and twist make for a good read? or does the tale of “the Possessed” not have the magic we would hope for? read on to see. 


    The simple truth of this story, is it’s a good one, because it is just what you don’t expect.   Thus showing us that the scope of what Dr. Strange can be is not as narrow as we would have beveled thus far.  Giving him new room to grow.


    There is one panel that I think shows us just how good the tale is, with Dr. Strange talking to a peasant under a tree, and you can see the shadow of one of the branches on the Doctor.  Details, and shadows are key to Dr. Strange, and it is pulled off quite well as I read these tales,  but don’t take my word for it, take a look at the panel, and then go out and read the story for yourself.


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