Strange Tales # 126
The Domain Of the Dread Dormammu

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Originalality & Continuty:????½? 
Characters & Development:?????? 

Book Information:

Cover Date: Nov 1964

Characters & Groups
  • From Earth:
    • Dr. Strange
    • The Ancient One
  • Not from Earth:
    • Dormammu
    • The Girl
    • Dormammu messenger

  • Realm of Darkness

While yesterday I established that the first tale from Strange Tales #126, left me lacking; today we explore the Realm of Darkness and face off against Dormammu himself with none other than Dr. Strange. This story starts off, with The Ancient One summing Strange just a short time after the events of the last story,  then informing him of Dormammu’s plans, as relayed from a messenger sent by the Dormammu himself.   What we have here, is Doctor Strange needing to take up a quest to another dimention to save earth from a great and powerful threat.

Originality & Continuity

We have seen similar plots before, even by doctor strange, including in Strange Tales #122 and #119.  But then that leaves me asking, does this one offer  enough different to consider it good, and original or is it just a copy.  I find myself searching at the heart of not just what these Strange tales are, but what they are supposed to be. I find, that the idea of Dr. Strange traveling to these other worlds, facing great threats, is at the heart what he is about.  Then when I look though it in that light, this… is quite true to the continuity, and offers enough differences to be original.  bringing up familiar names, and spells while offering us something new, mainly Dormammu.

Characters & Development

dr strange and the mistery womanWhile at the end of this issue, we are left wondering about this mystery girl,  and knowing little about the dreaded Dormammu,  In fact, we are left on a cliffhanger, with great potential development looming; lots to hold on to, to hope for.


the strange path to dormammuThat is right, the story ends on a cliffhanger,  detailing the journey of Doctor Strange to Dormammu, ending just as the magical action would be about to kick in. But then, Doctor strange away’s find a way to make the journey interesting, the unexpected dangerous and pitfalls, where we can expect anything… can accept about any reason for escape.  The right spell, or the right action to save the day. and as far as journeys go, this one was well written, even if at some points,  the reasoning can be a bit weak.


dr strange arives at the presense of DormammuThe look of Doctor strange, and the world’s he visits has proven to be a key part of the fun of reading these tales; in this case, we again return to a path-like adventure, with portals, and pocket dimensions all helping to keep the trip interesting.  a world so unlike ours, yet so visually interesting.  Beyond just that, we have Dormammu, a character design that in it of itself, helps make the threat look all the more dangerous, even given all that we are promised about him.

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