Strange Tales #127
Duel with the Dread Dormammu!

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The Greater Good:?????? 
The Greater Good:?????? 

Book Information:

Cover Date: Dec 1964

Characters & Groups
  • From Earth:
    • Dr. Strange
    • The Ancient One
  • Not From Earth:
    • Dormammu
    • Mystery Girl
    • The Mindless Ones


    After reviewing the story from Strange Tales #126 that featured Dr. Strange, I  found my self all to eager to read the second part; to bare witness to the conflict between the Doctor and the Dreaded Dormammu.  In fact, in the early pages of this adventure, we learn that this Duel does come with a high cost, win or lose.  We already knew from the last adventure, that if Dr. Strange lost, Dormammu intends to invade earth.  It is in these pages that we learn that if Dormammu looses, that his realm will face great danger from the mindless ones;  Thus putting Dr. Strange in the mental realm of not just a hard, but complex ethical conflict, even before the magical duel begins.


    Dr Strange Gets A New LookI find that the artistic style flows from the last issue to this one, offering the same flow and feel, even when being read back to back.  The high energy magical duel offers both interesting ‘effects’ while leaving the background plane and vast feeling.  This while the Mindless ones, offer a great and interesting  other threat, along with their simple design.  Lastly, we have a redesign of Doctor Strange at the end of the adventure. where he receives the gift of a new red and gold cape to replace the blue one we have seen for so long; as well as a new amulet.


    The second half of the story does a good job of continuing what was stared the prior issue, while giving us a bit more investment.  Then the conflict resolution proves to be interesting, even if it is doubtless to prove inconclusive in the long run.  I feel this two-part story, does a good job tying together; Dr. Strange, and his purpose and place in the marvel universe, leaving me all the eager for more appearances of the sorcerer supreme.Dr Strange Face to Face with Dormammu

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