Strange Tales #110:The Human Torch Vs. The Wizard And Paste-Pot Pete!

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I should start by saying in Strange Tales #110, the Human Torch began sharing the pages of this volume with another marvel legend, Dr. Strange, and you can read the review of his Strange Tale at this link.   This is a review of “The Human Torch Vs. The Wizard And Paste-Pot Pete!“. where before I even begin reading it i ask myself,  can The Wizard at last have a good story?

Our tale begins off with an editors warning and I will quote it all for you here:

Warning!! if you have ha weak heart, don’t read this story! for when the Human Torch pits his fiery weapons against that evil genius of crime, The Wizard, and his new partner, Paste-Pot Pete, in a titanic struggle, defeat means death for the Torch!! there are no holds barred, so hold your breath for here we go!!


I do agree with the warning posed before this story but not the reason.  I had hopes of a good story, but I feel what I got was chapter 3 of the wizard’s tale of idioticness.  Proving again, that he is not the way to write a smart super-villain.


Artistically, I feel Dick Ayers did a good job, and the story that was mostly poorly scripted was drawn quite well.  In fact, I feel that the art would likely not need to be changed at all to make this story good, but a lot of the text on the pages would.

Originality & Continuity

It seems like I read a story about a Human Torch imposter before, when the wizard first appeared that was part of his method of discrediting and getting the torch.   In addition to that, going back home after escaping jail is just what he did last time, making it hard to think that the cops would not look for him there.

Characters & Development

it is ironic that I feel we see more growth for the Fantastic Four, and the thing in particular in their one panel that there seen here, for the way they show concern for the human torch while there off on a different mission.

Paste-Pot Pete I feel also showed more growth here then our hero, but over all, I feel that this story offered little in the way of Development.

Comic Book Review Summery

The Human Torch story in Strange Tales #110 is not worth reading,  but i do feel that people who bought this issue back in the day would have gotten there twelve cents worth on the Dr. Strange Story that was told in this issue.

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Cover Date: Jul 1963
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  • Stan Lee
  • Dick Ayers
  • H. E. Huntley
  • John Duffy
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Originality And Continuity¾&#9734&#9734&#9734&#9734&#9734
Character And Development&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734&#9734&#9734
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  • Cortraz Penitentiary






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