Strange Tales #115:The Sandman Strikes

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Today’s comic book reviews focus on Strange Tales #115,  You can find the review of Dr. Strange’s story here, but this review focuses on the Human Torch as he faces Spider-Man’s foe Sandman, alone.

This comic starts, with the human torch being summoned back to Fantastic Four’s Headquarters by Mr. Fantastic, to be sent on a mission.  he is informed of Sandman’s escape from prison, and sent off to find Spider-Man!   The torch does not take a liking to this, and ends up finding an excuse to seek out the Sandman himself,  but can our teenage hotshot handle the criminal by himself?


as far as comic book stories go, this one was almost great,  it offered quick pace action, and even insight into the thoughts of the human torch, it even gave  us  some development of the ‘friendly’ rivalry with spider-man. it even built upon the motivation’s of Sandman. yet, it fell short, it just had to many moments that made me groan, to maintain its potential greatness.

It begin’s with just how much the Fantastic Four know about spider-man’s battle with Sandman,  it’s not like there are monthly hero meetings where they sit around and share stories of their adventures, sure the Avengers might do that, but Spider-Man and anyone at this point? surely not.

That continues when I see how the Sandman escaped, there is no creativity in him just sanding though the bars, who would put the Sandman in a jail-cell with just bars on the window anyway?

the final example I will give from this issue that really pushed it over the edge for me, was  when The human torch commented that the latent heat in his system still gave him twice his normal strength. sense when has the human torch been super strong?


While the story had its up’s and down’s  at the extremes of the spectrum,  the artwork was consistently good. I feel Dick Ayers did a good job with  this issue, from the characters to the details. but while I feel the artwork was good and consistent, it is indeed an issue where it gives me little to talk about in relation.

Originality & Continuity

This story is a great work of originality, and continuing the theme we have seen lately of the villain’s being mobile across the marvel universe.  Perhaps more than our hero’s making it one big world.

but where the originality is great the continuity is even better, tieing into both the last months issue of Fantastic Four and into spider-man #4.  Building up the story and the world as it goes,  showing us that everything is connected.

Characters & Development

The Human Torch’s rivalry with Spider-man

This has been hinted upon, in both series,  where they ironically have similar thoughts of each other, they also have a desire to outdo one another.  This issue, builds it like none before, and watch ahead, for in the comic i review tomorrow you will see spider-man featured on an item the human torch owns!

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Cover Date: Dec 1963
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  • Stan Lee
  • Dick Ayers
  • Art Simek
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Character And Development&#9733&#9733&#9733½&#9734&#9734
Power Creep&#9733¼&#9734&#9734&#9734&#9734
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