Strange Tales #120:The Torch meets The Iceman!

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This review is for the human torch feature in Strange Tales #120, where we have him side by side with the Iceman for the first time. But two questions come to mind right away:  what brings the two hero’s together? and can they get along any better than The torch and spider-man?

In fact, the human torch has ever been much of one for sharing the spot light with anyone, even his own team,  in particularly in Strange Tales.  leading me further to wonder how this comic book story would play out.


The artwork in this issue was par for Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers. while the detail , and depth is there, more so given Kirby’s closeness with the characters, it seems that this tale is lacking a bit of detail that could have made the artwork great.  more so  at points it feels rushed.

The panel that i included is a great example, showing our two hero’s: the Human Torch and Iceman, fighting side by side. as you can see, the panel, seems to lack a level of definition, something Jack Kirby excels at, even for hard to define characters.

Originality & Continuity

One thing I have to give this story credit for, is not pitting our two hero’s against each other to start things off, to only after time team up to take down the threat.   While there is a level of showing off for each of them, they both seem to start working together right from the start.

In addition to that, I feel this story did a good job of putting ‘team’ in team up. while one character seemed to always be more in action,  both where key to the story and success, making this one well done.

Characters & Development.

Iceman’s growing up

it may be sue storm who says Johnny is growing up in this issue, and while that is true, I feel it is much more apparent to X-man fans that Iceman is also growing up.  It is in this volume that he first expresses his interest in girls, something that had not developed all those months ago in X-Men #1.


Overall, this story was an interesting read, but i question just how interesting it would have been for someone who was just a human torch fan? it seems better for a general marvel fan.  then to top it off, for two top class superhero’s the main villans are nothing more than common crooks; this could have been done better.

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Cover Date: May 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Dick Ayers
  • S. Rosen
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