Strange Tales Annual #2:Human Torch On The Trail Of The Amazing Spider-Man!

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Today I sit down to review one of the stories that appeared in Strange Tales Annual #2, this tale was the Human Torches feature for that extra long issue, and it too is longer then what he is normally given.  But perhaps of just as much importance is the Human Torches guest star, Spider-Man!

This 18 page story features the two hero’s in a Team up & match up like none other.  as first in a classic hero fashion they face off against each other before teaming up to track down the real criminal, a guy known as the Fox.

The Story

Well now that I have you a basic synopsis in my introduction, we can focus on the comic book review.  This feature story is in no way as epic or climatic as Fantastic Four’s annual.

In fact, the story seemed loose and quite simplistic, the dialogue however was never dull even if it was a bit tacky at times, as these classic’s can be.

The Art

I do not feel Jack did as well as he has done with many of his other works,  and this issue I found a bit on the lacking side. There was nothing wrong with anything I seen, however it all just did not strike me as exceptional.

One thing I did like was seeing spider-man hanging upside down from the tree , watching the human torch and sue storm talking down below. It did make me wonder if i have seen him hang like this before this issue?  I know its a form i will see in the future.

Originality & Continuity

No great effort is made to make this fit in with ether hero and can be told almost any time in there early continuity.  This comic book story also does not have the Originality that I would have hoped for given that it is the featured annual story, it would have been better serving if the two teamed up against a vile and repeat menace from the human torches past. The wizard or Past Pot Pete come to mind.

Characters & Development

The Human Torch & Spider Man

I think the most development we have here is The Human Torch learns that he and Spider-Man are more similar then different. There is also the development of a slight respect between the two,  likely similar to that of The Human Torch and The Thing.

Comic Book Review Summery

This story is not an exceptional work, and for an annual it does not even meet my expectations.  if your a spider-man or a human torch fan I do not even feel it’s a required read.  In the event that you’re a huge fan of both, or just like seeing Hero Vs. Hero action, then this becomes a more likely choice.

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Cover Date: Jun 1963
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  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • Steve Ditko
  • Art Simek
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