Strange Tales #112
The Living Bomb!

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Originality & Continuity:★★★★½☆ 
Characters & Development:★★★★★½ 
Strange Sacrifice:★★★★★☆ 

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Cover Date: Sep 1963


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    Today, i sat down to review the human torch story from Strange Tales #112, if you are looking for the review of the Doctor Strange story for this issue,  i regret to inform you that for Strange Tales #112 and #113 the doctor, and his stories where nonexistent.

    But as for the human torch, can the story of the Human Torch Faces The Threat Of “the Living Bomb!”  end up being a great tale, or will the ell’s first issue be a slippery slope.


    To try to summarize this story would do it a great injustice.  it has both action and heart; it has suspense and realization’s, and character growth beyond what we normally see in these short features.   I do not know if credit should be given to Stan Lee for the plot,  Dick Ayers for his visionary artistic interpretation,  or  “Joe carter” AKA Jerry Siegal, for his top-notch scripting.

    its stories like this one, that I feel are both ahead of their time, and far above and beyond what i possibly expected.  This story is a must read for any Human Torch fan or for that matter anyone who loves The Fantastic Four. but even if you’re not such a fan, it is a great and heartwarming comic.


    Panel after panel of this issue, impressed me as much as the story, and in fact it is apart of the story.  there are a few panels where I feel what is written does not match up exactly with what we are seeing, but with how good the art, and the story is in this issue, these possible inconsistencies are forgivable. 

    Originality & Continuity

    This story is quite, quite original, i can’t think of any other that I have seen quite like it. Sure we have seen stories of the ultimate sacrifice, and honor and duty but the way this one flows together, all the elements, is what makes it a master-peace.

    it also makes the point of referencing the past;  particularly with the wizard; making the comic story not a bubble upon its self, but apart of the larger picture.  What more can we ask for?

    Characters & Development

    I feel our star learned a little about public perception of him in this issue, and how to behave. But even more important, he maintained his integrity as to what must be done.
    The Human Torch

    we further seen the signs of a gutsy teenager whom feels at times he does not need anyone’s help; but he seems to be learning  with each issue in that regard as well.

    Most importantly, we see him, take a course of action, that he is sure is going to kill him, to save the lives of others. like any hero, we see the Human Torch risk his life.

    The Thing & The Fantastic Four

    human torch in bed near death

    The Fantastic Four collectively seen some growth in this issue, but perhaps none more than the thing, admitting to Johnny just how he feels in this issue, and more firmly cementing there relationship as partners and Friends.

    in the face of the loss of Johnny’s live, great character growth can happen. and as the human torch  lies near death,  each character though there words or how they appear shows the signs of caring and emotion like nothing else.



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    1. I don’t mean to post any spoilers – though its already old news, so maybe I shouldn’t worry too much… anyway… human torch is the one they just killed off this past year right? or was it one of the others?  Its interesting to know that’s coming, and go back to see these early stories.

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