Tales of Suspense #39
Iron Man Is Born!

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Originality & Continuity:★★★★★☆ 
Characters & Development:★★★★★☆ 
Iron Will★★★★★☆ 

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Cover Date: Mar 1963


    • Vietnam

    Who? or what, is the newest, most breath-taking most sensational super hero of all…?

    In todays comic book review, we learn the response to the question posed on the cover. I do love origin stories of long running classic hero’s, ones that are well-known and even had movies made after them.  Iron man is one such hero. and today’s comic book review covers Tales of Suspense #39. the short story within is called Iron Man Is Born! This is iron man’s origin story! so find your copy of Tales of suspense, or buy one from Here.then cozy up to read the heart stopping story within.  It is well worth it.



    Iron Man is Born

    Our story begins in the laboratory of Anthony Stark, whom is by fate destined to become Iron Man.  He is showing off a new invention that he feels may help with the generals “problem in Vietnam”

    Our hero however, finds him self in that very war zone when weapons using his new technology are going to be used for the first time.  and unfortunately for him due to a fateful accident ends up in the hands of the enemies and dying. It is in these fateful pages that Iron Man is born!

    Where its good

    Iron-Man is a favorite of mine.  and his origin story is quite good.  You can feel for Tony stark, even as he creates his new iron body.  Iron-Man may indeed be a good example of a Tragic hero. I am not saying he remain’s as such, but in his origin it does feed into it.

    This story should make your heart skip a beat just as it does his. If not for the events that unfold for him but for Yinsen.  He whom is there for our hero in the hour that he needs someone the most. a companion, but also a savoir. not a father to Tony Stark, but at least as much of one to Iron Man.

    Where it’s not as good

    “The Iron Man Swears it!”

    I am sorry, but this line is just tacky,  and its used more than once in the end of the book.  Iron-Man referring to himself in his own thoughts as Iron-Man and in 3rd person.  He did not become a machine, and he should not be thinking like one. This just turns me the wrong and he says it more than once.


    Silhouette of Wong-Chu and his Men

    I feel that Don Heck did a good job with the art for Iron Man is born!.  my positive opinion started right from the story splash page, seeing iron man, there and the big letters above, saying the tile.  the whole thing was all inspiring.

    the rest of the issue had good uses of details, and shadows.  both showing what needs to be seen and then using darkness to say so much more. For example the silhouette of Wong-Chu and his men speaks volumes.   while the details of the men in the jungle with Stark is amazing.

    Originality & Continuity

    The origin for Iron-Man is quite original. Most hero’s in the marvel universe do not wake up one day and decide that there going to be a hero, they end up somehow falling into the job. Iron Man is no different. This story is not one of him going to save people, but of him doing what he needs to save himself. Yes others are saved as well. Iron-Man is basically created by the monster he first stopped.

    Characters & Development

    As I think over the books I have reviewed so far,  I only come up with one other volume where a named supporting character dies.  where that characters death has an effect on our hero.  Yinsen joins the ranks of Uncle Ben in that regard.  He may even be as significant to Iron Man as uncle Ben is to Spider-Man.  There are key differences, but that is part of what makes both stories great.

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    2 thoughts on “Tales of Suspense #39

    1. it really is a good origin story. Tony doesn’t just build the armour because he wants to, its because he has to. I kinda wish IM would have refered to Yinsen a bit more in later issues. Also, the chestplate adds a tragic dimension to tony starks character. he projects himself as the guy who has it all, but really is in constant danger of death. its an aspect of later IM that got lost, to its detriment.

      • I don’t think I could put it any better myself, I agree you captured what is great about the origin and the early issues for Iron Man.

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