Tales Of Suspense #55
A Special Bonus Featurette
All About Iron Man

August 27, 2012 | By: Drew | (No Comments) |

This is not a comic book review in the normal way, as I see these few pages in Tales Of Suspense as a bonus section designed to give us more information and background on Iron Man and his supporting cast then  a comic story.  In fact, there is no story in this extra bit, but what follows is there:

  • a visual description on how Iron Man suit’s up.
  • A diagram of the key features of the Iron Man costume.
  • an explanation as to the limits of his powers.
  • a reason for why he keeps from getting serious with any of the woman who are after him.
  • Why Happy never smiles.
  • a Pepper Potts Pin up, with loads of information!

These few pages, is something I would suggest any fan of the early iron man stories glance over!  it was a lot of fun.

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