Tales Of Suspense #55
No One Escapes The Mandarin

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Originality & Continuity:★★★★☆☆ 
Characters & Development:★★★★☆☆ 
Cliffhanger Conclusion:★★★★½☆ 

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Cover Date: Jul 1964


    • Mandarin's Castle

    I could not wait, after reading Tales Of Suspense #54, I had to follow up with part II right away.  Today’s comic book review is of The Iron man feature titled “No One Escapes The Mandarin” from Tales Of Suspense #55.  but how can they follow up the last issue? how can Iron Man escape let alone save the day?   When we last left him, the prospect o even surviving was quite grim.

    Then what about Happy and Pepper, how are they managing back home?  This issue’s feature story addresses all of that before it is over.


    I feel the art of this issue was quite effective,for the quick paced, constantly changing battle between the Mandarin and Iron Man.  This combined with  how the scene back home was  handled in a more colorful and playful contrast to the mandarins castle, I found it quite effective.

    Characters & Development

    I feel the short part of the story that is dedicated to Happy Hogan does him justice, helping build his character like never before. we get to see him as being ‘the boss’ while tony is away. and it is quite an experience for him, and quite a good read for us.

    there is also some growth between iron man and pepper pots, and the possibility of an eventual relationship in this issue.  but look no further for spoilers, my lips are sealed.

    Originality & Continuity

    I feel as two-part stories have gone so far, this one fit in quite well with the first part; it does not seem like the ball was dropped like some other crossovers from the era that I had reviewed.  I could only speculate as to the reasons for this, but instead I will just be content with the outcome this once.

    The Story

    This story, is a must read in my eyes for any iron man fan, not so much what it does for iron man, but for happy and the Mandarin.  But if you disagree or even if you agree, I would love to hear from you!


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