Tales Of Suspense #58
Iron Man In Mortal Combat With Captain America!

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Cover Date: Oct 1964

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    In this Iron Man feature, One month before Captain America becomes the regular co-feature of Tales Of Suspense we have the two Heros face-off against each other in a battle of hero’s true to the comic book style of the time. In this issue, the Chameleon convinces Iron Man, that Captain America is the Chameleon. Sending Iron Man off to face the real Captain America. Sound confusing? well, take a gander over the issue and it will all make sense. 


    The Story found  here was well done, offering another look at a classic theme of a villain impersonating the hero’s. In the pages of this issue though,  the Chameleon cleverly does it in a way to get the two avengers to face each other.  At times, to keep the action flowing, Iron Man seems overly dense in believing the Captain is an impostor, instead of wanting to work it out and investigate it further.  Over all, the story proves to be a fun read, even if not one that will prove to be a favorite.

    Captain America and Iron Man Do Battle


    The art of this issue, was done well, with a focus on key details and much of the backdrop of most panels raiding away.  The depth of charictes more in the background, was a little lacking at times,  but the issue more then made up for it in other panels.   two of the finest panels In this issue I feel where when ‘Capt. America’ enters Tony Starks office to try to find Iron Man, beaten up and battle warn, then  later as the two hero’s our fighting.

    Captain America kicks Iron Man Injured Captain America Seeks Iron Mans Help

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