Tales of Suspense #59:The Black Knight

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As I sit down to write a comic book review of the story titled “The Black Knight” featuring Iron man, published in Tales Of Suspense #59, I find that this story (despite a later cover month) would clearly fit before the events of Avengers #9. That small fact out-of-the-way (and the impact on the avengers title is only one panel that would be less understood) I can get on to my synopsis, and review.

In this issue, after seeing the avengers off to a charity benefit, Iron Man stays behind to keep watch over the city. At the same time The Black Knight bust out of jail, and decided to get revenge on the avengers – starting with the one he knows how to find, Iron Man.   This assault starts before our hero can make it back to the factory.  In fact as, tony is walking in, the factory under sedge by the black knight, we also witness Tony Stark suffering from a power attack, causing him to have to retreat to his office, while scaring Pepper and Happy.

Originality & Continuity

Seeing the need to plug-in  and recharge, come back  strike at Tony Sark in this issue; has a positive effect on fitting with the ongoing continuity; drawing us back in with events that may have been forgotten by some.    The black knight also serves as a good backdrop villain to this story (although almost any would have done just as well)

What is weak, is the need to ‘write out’ the avengers before the unset of the action,  this ongoing ‘gimmick’ does grow old.


I feel that this flows well into the story,  the weak point here is Iron Man ‘charging’ by being plugged in, while the black knight has cut the plants power.  How is that working?  it is left unaddressed and unexplained, thus a plot hole that bugs me even into writing this.

Beyond that, the story is fun, and believable with not just our hero performing well, but breaks actions taken by Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan, believing that Tony Stark is not only locked himself in his office, but in trouble; likely suffering a heart attack.

Characters & Development

Spoilers be warned: 

By the end of this tale, we have Pepper and Happy entering the office, to find… Iron Man. Tony Stark now unable to remove the suit (not stuck with just the breastplate) to seek his chest powered.  Iron Man, promptly tells them that Tony Stark is fine, that he left via a secret exit; that all he had been a dizzy spell… more over, that Tony Stark left him (Iron Man) in charge until he returns.  Pepper and Happy do not believe it, they feel that Iron Man is keeping the truth from them;  In many ways, they could not be closer to the truth. 

It was in this, that perhaps the greatest element of the story comes from, as well as the hope that will have me quite eager to read the next story.   This development could lead to burger, great developments for our hero, and the stories told in his book.  but then, that is the development that this tale left us with.


I feel that we have a fine example of Don Heck on top of his game,  from a troubled Iron man near the end, acting and sitting in quite ah human way, to early series of combat between Iron Man and the black knight – if not for the great artwork of the combat, what happens between our hero and the antagonist would almost fully be a backdrop to this story.

I in particularly like Iron Man in the chair, with the shadow at his feet and the details in the backdrop, it is so real, so human; and quite deep.  In many ways, it is foreshadowing of things to come that I suspect could only be a glimmer of a thought in anyones mind at that time.

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Cover Date: Nov 1964
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  • Stan Lee
  • Don Heck
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Originality And Continuity&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9734&#9734
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Stories Referenced:
  • Avengers 6 2
  • Iron Man
  • The Black Knight
  • Happy Hogan
  • Pepper Potts
  • Avengers
    • Captain America
    • Giant-Man, Ant-Man
    • The Wasp
    • Thor






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