Tales Of Suspense #50: Tales Of… The Watcher!
Journey's End

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Cover Date: Feb 1964

  • The Watcher



      Today’s review focuses on the Tales of The Watcher from Tales Of Suspense #50. In this tale, titled Journey’s end, we here the wondrous story of a Meek Man from the 21st century.  The tale of one space pilot named Wilbur Weems.  Weems volunteers for a one way mission in space, as he see’s that unlike his pears he has no reason not too,  but what does he find at his journey’s end?


      The story, was quite entertaining, and in its own way, thought provoking, making Wilbur much lore like what the expected comic book fan would have been like; and showing him that sometimes taking chances, may just pay off.


      The style, and nature of the artwork that Larry Lieber put with his own scripting, worked well once again,  I feel what we can learn from him,  is that doing the art and script together can pay off.  But that is something I feel may have been happening more than the credits of other stories ever tell from that time.


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