Tales Of Suspense #51: Tales Of The Watcher
The Primitive!

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Cover Date: Mar 1964

  • The Watcher



      Now I move on to another inspired story in the “Tales Of The Watcher” series.  This one, as told from the watcher, is of a human space explorer, seeking out intelligent life, and from planet to planet he finds nothing but lower life forms, be them animals or just primitives, and concludes that these lower forms have nothing to teach him. But is that true? you will just have to read this classic issue of Tales Of Suspense to find out. 

      The story

      Some stories, truly inspire and offer insight, be the meanings we read into them intended or constructs of our own mind.  This is one such tale,  and I have no doubt that the message was one that was indeed intended.  A message that one can always learn from another, even someone you presume is primitive.   And this story teaches that in the typical comic book fashion.

      The Artwork

      The artwork I feel was less inspired in this  tale then the last of the watchers,  but it was not bad,  and I feel it worked well in the telling of the story, and the moral. even if things are never spelled out for us in the words given.

      The panel I included is of the two brothers that are featured in the story, the one, our star an explorer, the other a profit and money motivated man.

      I feel the panel shows both how the artwork is simple, but also how sometimes simple comic book artwork can be quite effective.

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