Tales Of Suspense #53
The Way It Began...

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Cover Date: May 1964




        It is surprising to me, that the watchers races origin, on how they became the watcher’s  would be put here, in his “Tales of the Watcher” section. Up until now they been mostly stories much like the other non superhero tales that used to feature these magazines, but in this issue, we get a look into the origin of a character and race that would be come a cornerstone in the marvel universe.

        In the short space of five pages we would come to know the watcher, like we never have before, and just why he can’t interfere.  To their credit and my surprise it was a compelling story at that.

        So if you wan’t to know the watcher origin, you will have to read it for yourself, and i strongly suggest you do.   but I for one would love to here what you think, about this story or the watcher?  and do you feel that in a way “we” the readers are the inbodyment of what the watcher should stand for?


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