Tales Of Suspense #54:Tales Of The Watcher
Hands Off!

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Cover Date: Jun 1964

  • The Watcher



      Worry not watcher fan’s, I did not forget the tales of the watcher story when i read Tales Of Suspense last week, here is my comic book review of the one from Tales Of Suspense #54 titled “Hands Off!

      After last months tale where we learn the origin of the watcher, this month we get another tale evolving the character; where he further learns the importance of his vow.   How sometimes not stopping a seeming horrible thing, can lead to something good?  I do understand that this is to give us background for the watcher, someone whom would become one of the most iconic cosmic beings in the marvel universe. it is just ironic that it comes with such a grim message about doing what we think is best.  but without wasting more words, i would like you to read this short story, and tell me what you think about this classic tale.


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