Tales Of Suspense #55
The Sun-Stealer!

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Cover Date: Jul 1964

  • The Watcher



      after our recent stories showing us some of the history of the watcher, we get a tale that shows the watcher in a more modern light, as he is visited on the moon by an alien space craft.  the craft that is set on a go alto steal our earths sun.  but the watcher is forbidden from interfering, only able to watch.  But in this tale, we learn that this may even have its own shades of gray.  

      in this tale, we witness the watcher being a hero, without directly interfering; it is a creative tale, thought up by Stan lee and larry Lieber, and one that I like very much;  I feel it is at the heart of the watchers very core of functioning, how he can impact the marvel universe; by creatively doing nothing.


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