Tales Of Suspense #57 Tales Of The Watcher
The Watcher's Power

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Cover Date: Sep 1964

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    • Space Pirates
    • The Watcher

  • Home Planet of the Watcher

While I feel with most of the super-hero stories  Marvel was at least trying to be a little careful with minting some continuity,  with there other stories (such as ones like the Tales Of the Watcher series) I feel they where less careful then even they should have been.   For in this issue, a group of space pirates set there sights on  an alien world,  only to be stopped by the watcher, whom they knew was ‘around’ but assumed would not be allowed to interfere.  One would say this would be interference in it’s self,  but he has a clever resin for why it is not.  

For this, planet is indeed his home world,   But what of the events in the earlier Tales Of Suspense 53?  In that issue, we get the origin of the watcher and his race of watchers.  putting this short feature in direct contradiction with that earlier story.  But if you have read the tales of the watcher from Tales Of Suspense #57, I would love to hear what you think.

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