Tales to Astonish #58
The Magician and The Maiden

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Cover Date: Aug 1964

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    Just like last month, we again have the wasp acting on her own, to be the hero.  this time against the Magician;  a villain that was captured a few months before in Tales To Astonish # 56‘s feature story titled “The Coming Of The Magician!”. that time, the wasp proved to be  a damsel in distress, this time however she shows us how she can fight crime, even without the aid of Ant-Man (whom was written out of this adventure in quite a fitting way) .

    Larry Lieber proved once again, that he is quite good at doing both the artwork , and the scrip of his stories, as everything fit together quite nicely.  This tale also fits nicely after the last, with the wasp sporting her new uniform!  Having good art, and good story, what was this tale missing? Very little..  in fact if anything it only had a bit too much,  giving the magician things that seemed much more like real magic then he had in this first tale.  Leaving this tale as a better story then the feature of this issue.

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