Six Star System

General Ratings

My Six Star Rating system, can be understood by these general guidelines.  more detailed guidelines for Story and art may be available  in future updates.

 Stars  Description
 0 Stars  An absolute waste of ink, and possible talent.  not the finer day for a given piece.  this ranking is near impossible to obtain, but is quite approachable.
1 Star  1 Star, this is a horrifying Ranking.  I Regret even reading this book.  Below this is hard to obtain,  This is near the worst.
2 Stars  Below 2 stars and I will have regretted wasting my time with the book, but two stars is still not great, it is a below average work. but not regrettable.
3 Stars  This is an average Rating. it is what all other Ratings are based around, and is the starting point before anything is rated.  All things start out at 3 stars and work up and down from there as I read them.
4 Stars This was an above average comic.  While I would have hoped for more, I am not leaving the experience unsatisfied.
5 Stars  Amazing.. this is the top rating.. oh wait.  This is the normal Top Rating.  This is for works of the utmost quality, it met every expectation that I could think of for the work.
6 Stars  You have exceeded my expectations,  this wont happen a lot, and will likely bend the scale forward when it does, raising the bar for all future works.  But Hats off, For your time if not for all time, you are a piece to be remembered.