Earthly Invasion

Fantastic Four #31
The Mad Menace Of The Macabre Mole Man!

October 20, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

Having just read, and as I sit down to write my comic book review Fantastic Four #31, I find that I let the action, and all the promises made fly though my head.  First and foremost, this tale signals the return of the Mole Man last seen in Fantastic Four #22. Then as if that is not enough, the cover offers the promise of a s surprise character seen only briefly, but who’s identity would shock us.   Then, on the opening page, we get yet another guarantee; the Fantastic Four will stand against the Avengers in this issue as well!

But then all stories have a beginning,   this one starts out with an unexpected earthquake in New York. From there we have the Fantastic Four, less sue storm going out to investigate, and learning of a missing city block. Sue on the other hand, got distracted by something she spotted in a newspaper as the earthquake happened.  Instead of joining the team, she is off to police headquarters for unexplained reasons.   it is not that many pages further in that Mole man captures Sue, and threatens the Fantastic Four against interference. Beyond that, he is going to hold them accountable for the actions of all, leaving them to stop the avengers whom are about the set out on an investigation of their own.Fantastic Four Vs Avengers


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Avengers #5
The Invasion of the Lava Men!

May 7, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

Now has come the time for me to review Avengers #5,  where we have the first issue of avengers with Captain America as a full member, and  even after the epic battle with the hulk in Fantastic Four, we have  him returning for this tale,  titled  “The Invasion Of The lava Men!”

That is right, for those who remember, this is a follow up of not only the recent avengers stories in Fantastic Four and Avengers #4 & #3, but also Journey Into Mystery #97.  And in this tale, we don’t have just one Lava man, but a whole army, and a weapon like none other, the living rock!




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Fantastic Four #22
The Return Of The Mole Man!

March 7, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

I think the cover starts us off quite well for this comic book review,  giving us a wonderful drawn and colored look of the Fantastic Four approaching Mole Man, and him edging them on while Mr. Fantastic tries to stop the Fantastic Four from walking into certain doom.

Then if that scene is not enough, we have an arrow filled with text pointing to the Mole Man saying:

“Celebrate with us the return of the first super-villain the F.F. ever faced! See how The Mole Man is presented now, in the new, much-talked about Marvel manner.”

If that scene is not enough to make anyone want to spend their last twelve cents on this issue, I don’t know what would, but is it worth your dine and two cents? read on and see.  (more…)

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Journey Into Mystery #97
The Mighty Thor Battles The Lava Man

January 27, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

For today’s Comic Book Review I read Journey Into Mystery #97 and reviewed the Thor Story Titled “The Mighty Thor Battles The Lava Man”, but in addition to this epic tale, this issue debuted “Tales of Asgard”   a short-lived story about Thor’s Home land, I will be reviewing them at a later date collectively.

this story however had it all, it had the action that keeps us coming back week after week, as well as character development and story that seems to have lasting changes. Then to top the great story off the Artwork was top notch, among the best work I recall seeing Jack Kirby do. (more…)

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Tales Of Suspense #43
Iron Man Versus Kala, Queen Of The Netherworld!

December 8, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

When reading a story, ever get that sense that you read it before? Well that is exactly what I felt like when i sat down to read “Iron Man Versus Kala, Queen Of The Netherworld!” From Takes Of Suspense #43 for my comic book review.   In this case, I can’t help but feel every aspect of the plot has been taken from another story, some even from Iron Man’s Origin.

Here is a synopsis of the story: a vain and evil queen of an underground empire decided that she is going to invade the surface world.  In order to accomplish this task, she kidnaps the one brilliant mind she needs to help her in the task, Tony Stark.  Then sets forth to put Stark to work on building the weapons she needs to complete the task.


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Fantastic Four Annual #1
Sub-Mariner Versus the Human Race

November 24, 2011 | Drew | (1 Comment)
Fantastic Four Annual 1#

Today for Thanksgiving, and for my last comic book review this holiday week, I present a great classic comic book.  Here we have Fantastic Four annual #1, To my research this 75 page issue came out in  July of 1963, with the feature story taking place between Fantastic Four #15 & #16.

While being a 75 page epic issue,  the feature story is only about 37 pages but the issue includes a lot more than just that, here is a complete list:

  • 37 pages for the feature story
  • 11 pages of Fantastic Four Famous Foes Pinups
  • 6 page retelling of part of Amazing Spider-Man #1, where spider-man meets the Fantastic Four
  • Reprint of the Origin of the Fantastic Four from Fantastic Four #1
For for today, a day where many of my readers will be going back for seconds and even desert, lets serve up this extra big, extra special issue, as i will discuss all that it offers below.
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Amazing Adventures #2
The World Below!

October 26, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

Sometimes I like to begin a comic book review with a quote, sometimes I feel that the words in the issue convey the other awe I am looking for, and describe the purpose of the review your about to read better than I can.  Sometimes the words on the first page say it all, and I just put them out there. But then there are times like this where I like to build them up first. so without any more words wasted, here is a quote from the short story: From the amazing cases of Dr. Droom “The World Below!” (more…)

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