Hypnosis & Mind Control

Strange Tales # 126
Pawns of The Deadly Due!

October 23, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

The first story of Strange Tales #126 features The Human Torch and The Thing, but this time with a bit more Fantastic Four support then we are used to.   Of course the Duo are taking on another Duo of Former fantastic Four Villains, The Puppet Master and The Mad Thinker.   In this story the Puppet Master and Mad Thinker team up, and have a plan to take out the Fantastic Four, part by part; first by getting the thing to destroy the human torch.   But then, like all plans, nothing is ever as perfect as it seems.


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Daredevil #4
Killgrave, The unbelievable purple man!

March 28, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

In sitting down to write my comic book review of  Daredevil #4 and the story titled “Killgrave, The unbelievable purple man!” I find myself thinking, that this tale may be one of the better mind control stories I have seen so far.   While the starting crime of him robbing the bank, seems a bit weak, where the tail goes from there, seems fitting.   In this tale, we have Killgrave (The Purple Man), whom has the power to control the minds and wills of anyone whom he is near.  however -as fate would have it- Daredevil finds that his blindness has made him immune to The Purple Man’s Powers.   The the critical nature of the mission becomes even more so as Killgrave takes an interest in Karen, and uses his power to change her allegiance to serving him. (more…)

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Fantastic Four Annual #2

March 21, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)

While Fantastic Four annual #2 was divided into two stories in the issue; they go together so well that reviewing them separately would do the volume injustice. The first story titled “the fantastic origin of Doctor Doom!” Deals with Dr. Doom’s backstory, as we have never seen it before this issue. It is in these pages that we are first exposed to his nation Latveria, as well as get a true look  at exactly what makes Dr. doom the villain that he is.

The second-story’s title is “the final victory of Dr. Doom”  and it is a fitting follow-up to the opening tale. Although it is not without its criticisms that are discussed in more depth below.

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Fantastic Four #30
The Dreaded Diablo

March 19, 2014 | Drew | (No Comments)
Fantastic Four #30 Cover

With the Fantastic 30th issue of Fantastic Four, we had them facing off against Diablo. This mysterious and imprisoned foe is both released and captured by the Fantastic Four in this issue. Although his release may be the result of some ‘magical’ trickery on behalf of Diablo.

As the story progresses and is told over an unknown number of weeks -Months?- our heroic team is pressed with the ongoing dilemma keeping them from acting.  What dilemma is that you ask, why none other then the mysterious Diablo has done nothing to break the law. (more…)

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Avengers #7
Their Darkest Hour!

October 26, 2012 | Drew | (2 Comments)

With my comic book review of Avengers #7, it is easy to see that at least the idea of universal continuity was beginning to go full swing.  In this issue, from just the opening pages, we have Iron Man facing consequences for his failure to respond to an avengers call, an event that just happened in  Tales Of Suspense #56.  This fact alone awed me, something so recent coming into play, and being at least slightly significant.  But then there was more, with the Enchantress and the Executioner from  Journey Into Mystery #103 , and a tie in to the last issue of Avengers as well. Before even 2 pages in, this review seemed to be off to a good start, with lots of Marvel Universe goodness potential. But does the story titled “Their Darkest Hour!” Live up more to the title, or to be a great shining light for what the marvel universe can be?  Read on, to see what I think about this and more in my comic book review.  (more…)

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Fantastic Four #28
We Have To Fight The X-Men!

October 23, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

While we have had Iceman and The Human Torch team up before in  Strange Tales #120, the comic book I review today is the first time the two teams come face to face.  That’s right, in Fantastic Four #28, we have the X-Men as special guest stars, and if the cover is not enough of a hint, the story title “We Have To Fight The X-Men!” should be, the two teams are going to face off in good old comic book combat.  But the cover can also tell us more; as the two teams are not alone, this issue also features the return of The Puppet Master, The mad Thinker, and The Awesome Android.

But can two teams make this issue of Fantastic Four even better?  Or is this hero Vs. Hero action growing stale; after all we have seen it before, from the Thing, to the Avengers, even Spider-Man  has tangled with the Fantastic Four. (more…)

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Strange Tales #122
The World Beyond

October 18, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

In this Dr. Strange tale Nightmare is back, and seeking vengeance on Dr. Strange.  In fact, it is likely the ruler of the world of nightmares has waited some time to extract his vengeance.  Until now however, Dr. Strange has not let his guard down, making it a possibility.  But in this story, as an exhausted Dr. Strange drifts off to sleep, Nightmare gains the chance he has waited for, to imprison Strange without his magic or powers.  But without wasting more words, let’s get on to my comic book review. (more…)

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Avengers #6
Masters Of Evil!

October 17, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

Just from the first moment you look at the cover, you can get a good idea what to expect, the Avengers facing off against a team of super-villains; the Masters Of Evil.  Lead by an unknown and new menace “Zemo”, leading a cast of antagonist that each of our hero’s has faced in a solo adventure.  we have  Radioactive Man,  The Black Knight, and The Melter back and together for the first time, to stop there former opponents new team.

But will this team of Super-villains stand a better chance united then they each did on there own? and what is Zemo’s motivation?  lets just say he is being put in via retroactive continuity, as a historic Captain America opponent. (more…)

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X-Men #6
Sub-Mariner! Joins The Evil Mutants

September 19, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

This comic book review is of the story titled “Sub-Mariner! Joins The Evil Mutants”  from X-Men #6 with a cover date of in July 1964.  While the X-Men have been seen in other titles, this is the first guest star from the marvel universe at large to appear in the X-Men’s own title, as we witness Namor joining the evil mutants.

the question one has to ask in reading this story is if it is well thought out with the existing continuity for Namor, or just  a silver age comics ploy to sell people upon a young title? In this case, (even if it was a ploy) the story and continuity where clearly in the minds of Stan lee and Jack Kirby, as you will see below. (more…)

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Strange Tales #116
The Human Torch In The Clutches Of The Puppet Master!

March 5, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

For today’s comic book review I read Strange Tales #116,  for this first post, I am reviewing “The Human Torch In The Clutches Of The Puppet Master!”  in this Strange tale,  we have the human torch falling under the effects of a surprisingly alive Puppet Master, and forced to hit on Alicia, so that the Puppet Master can get the two to fight against each other. With no surprise the Puppet Masters plan seems to be working, what can possibly go wrong?  (more…)

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