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Fantastic Four #8
Prisoners of the Puppet Master

September 29, 2011 | Drew | (2 Comments)

Including Fantastic Four #8 we are up to 4 out of 8 issues that the Fantastic Four are described as being Prisoner’s.  if anything I am seeing this as a theme for what the early Fantastic Four stories where about, them being captured, in part or as a whole and finding their way free.

This issue of Fantastic Four, is one of the best I reviewed so far. It had development and depth that the story has needed.  Also it introduces a classic Super Villain, the Puppet Master, as well as Alicia Masters.

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Fantastic Four #3
The Menace of the Miracle Man

September 1, 2011 | Drew | (2 Comments)

In this, the Third issue of the Fantastic Four.  Having faced threats from both below and above, its time they face a threat that is truly powerful. Miracle man, with his seeming omnipotent power.    He first stops the Fantastic Four, or most directly The Thing, during a show of his.  But when the situation gets real, can the Fantastic Four stop him?

Also this issue, seems to feature the Fantastic Fours new home and toys. it’s the first appearance of the Baxter building, the Fantasticar, Uniforms and more. The Baxter building, most importantly implying that they made there move from central city to Manhattan. Granted that assumption may be based on things I know about the Fantastic Four, even if it’s not stated in this issue.

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Fantastic Four #2
Skrulls From Outer Space

August 31, 2011 | Drew | (3 Comments)
Fantastic Four #2

For the Fantastic Four, what comes after stopping an invasion from below? Stopping one from above of course.  Last Issue, the Fantastic Four Come onto the scene out of nowhere to save the Earth from the Mole Man, This time, it’s the Skrulls that is the threat.

Also in the time between the last issue and this, while not directly mentioned. it seems the Fantastic Four went public with whom they are. Perhaps due to causing so much havoc and confusion in their own rights before saving the day from an unknown threat?  But I find this, undiscussed coming out of the  Hero closet is key to the story. Read it, and you will see. (more…)

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