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Tales Of Suspense #56 Tales Of The Watcher
The Watcher's Sacrifice!

October 25, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

In this issue, we learn of one thing that the watcher sacrifice’s for his oath and duty, how non interference can extend to love itself.  it is a sad tale, of how he must forsake love; and live with that, but not without its flaws.  In this issue, we see the watcher, “show himself” to the aliens on the distant world.  the purpose, to intervene without doing anything.  this task works, he saves the life of a Queen, and had to not even lift a finger. However, I pose, is this not ‘interfering?’ is there not a flaw in the way the watcher lives out his oath, of watching, more so given he can watch without being seen?    Any of you who have read the Tales of the Watcher feature from  Takes Of Suspense #56, I would love to hear what you think (more…)

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Tales Of Suspense #54
The Mandarin's Revenge

August 24, 2012 | Drew | (1 Comment)

For this comic book review I read the Iron Man feature from Tales Of Suspense #54. this story was titled “The Mandarin’s Revenge” and serves at the first part of a two-part story.

In this tale, Tony Stark goes to Vietnam to investigate the cause of some of his missiles malfunctioning, only after some careful thinking does he concluded that the Mandarin must be responsible and sets out to find a way to stop him.  But does part one of this epic battle live up to all my hopes? (more…)

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Fantastic Four #27
The Search For Sub-Mariner!

August 17, 2012 | Drew | (2 Comments)

For this comic book review I am reading Fantastic Four #27, and a story titled “The Search For Sub-Mariner!“, Yes, you have guessed right, the Sub-Mariner is back in Fantastic Four, for the first time since Fantastic Four Annual #1.  Although Namor did have an appearance in Avengers #3 and #4.

But in this issue as you can see by the cover we also have a guest hero: Doctor Strange, in his first appearance out side of strange tales.  But what role will he have in this fantastic tale? and is this a Classic or a wash? you will have to look below into my comic book review.  (more…)

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Tales To Astonish #56
The Coming Of The Magician!

July 6, 2012 | Drew | (1 Comment)

In this issue, just as the cover promises, we see Giant-Man using his power to his advantage, and then just as the last tale foretold, we get the hint of a looming proposal from hank Pym to Janet van Dyne.   But will this story be as magical as we hope, or just a bunch of tricks?


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Journey Into Mystery #103
The Enchantress And The Executioner!

April 30, 2012 | Drew | (No Comments)

this comic book review focuses on the Thor story titled “The Enchantress And The Executioner!” from Journey Into Mystery #103.  In this title, Loki continuing to pull the strings of an angered Odin, convinces his step father to send the Enchantress an irresistible immortal to win the heart of Thor.  But will the god of thunder fall in love with the Enchantress, or can the mortal Jane Foster hold his attention over a goddess? (more…)

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Amazing Spider-Man #9
The Man Called Electro!

March 23, 2012 | Drew | (3 Comments)

For today’s comic book review I read Amazing Spider-Man #9,the story contained within is  titled  “The Man Called Electro!” And it is a Spider-Man thriller like none before, as Steve Ditko and Stan lee raised the stakes on this one.  Not only do we have the action pack trills of Spider-Man facing Electro, not only do we have the drama of high school, young love,  and the pressure of media attacks on Spider-Man, but we have something much more important; Aunt May is sick, in fact deathly ill.

Can Peter Help his aunt, deal with the pressures around him, and all while Spider-Man saves the day?  Or are we in for a shock of our lifetime with reading this electrifying story?  (more…)

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Fantastic Four #8
Prisoners of the Puppet Master

September 29, 2011 | Drew | (2 Comments)

Including Fantastic Four #8 we are up to 4 out of 8 issues that the Fantastic Four are described as being Prisoner’s.  if anything I am seeing this as a theme for what the early Fantastic Four stories where about, them being captured, in part or as a whole and finding their way free.

This issue of Fantastic Four, is one of the best I reviewed so far. It had development and depth that the story has needed.  Also it introduces a classic Super Villain, the Puppet Master, as well as Alicia Masters.

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