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Fantastic Four Annual #1
Sub-Mariner Versus the Human Race

November 24, 2011 | Drew | (1 Comment)
Fantastic Four Annual 1#

Today for Thanksgiving, and for my last comic book review this holiday week, I present a great classic comic book.  Here we have Fantastic Four annual #1, To my research this 75 page issue came out in  July of 1963, with the feature story taking place between Fantastic Four #15 & #16.

While being a 75 page epic issue,  the feature story is only about 37 pages but the issue includes a lot more than just that, here is a complete list:

  • 37 pages for the feature story
  • 11 pages of Fantastic Four Famous Foes Pinups
  • 6 page retelling of part of Amazing Spider-Man #1, where spider-man meets the Fantastic Four
  • Reprint of the Origin of the Fantastic Four from Fantastic Four #1
For for today, a day where many of my readers will be going back for seconds and even desert, lets serve up this extra big, extra special issue, as i will discuss all that it offers below.
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Tales to Astonish #39
the Vengeance of the Scarlet Beetle

October 6, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)

Unlike the last story, this one is told more so from Dr. Pym’s perspective as he investigates the strange activities as Ant-Man. Also quite contrary to Issues #38’s thought-provoking deeper meaning. this one features a large bug named the Scarlet beetle, whom not only has those qualities, but though communication’s organised insect kind with them.


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Fantastic Four #4
The Coming of the Sub-Mariner

September 2, 2011 | Drew | (No Comments)
Fantastic Four #4 Cover The coming of the Sub-Mariner

With Fantastic Four #4, we have truly the signs that the series is in its early stages of greatness.  this volume is in effect the first time in Fantastic Four that the ending events of the last issue directly effect the next.  leaving no feeling of a great loss of time,  in #1 to #3, it could be hard to tell how much time has elapsed between the events. it could be days, or months.  and most of the time, it has the feeling of being months.  perhaps to match the length of time between issue releases?   But this time, the events of this issue pick up just a short time after the last.

with the 3 remaining members of the team preparing to search for Johnny Storm, also known as The Human Torch. little can anyone imagine, except for those whom looked at the cover of the issue, that He is going to find another great. one from comics past;  The Sub-Mariner Namor.  (more…)

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Fantastic Four #1
The Fantastic Four

August 30, 2011 | Drew | (2 Comments)
Fantastic Four #1

The Fantastic Four Blaze into their first appearance, and their First Feature comic at the same time, in Fantastic Four #1. Bringing about the dawn of what I see as a new age for Marvel at that time.

I find the cover of this first book, does not do it justice on its own, while it does do a good job at hinting at whats to come. an epic battle with a large underground creature.  The true sence of trouble and danger that the Fantastic Four Face in the issue seems lost.

However, there can be little doubt that the early issues of the magazine where indeed successful, as there continued success to today undoubtably shows.  The cover I can’t help but feel, still seem lacking.

especially when the short book conveys the Origines of  Five Marvel Legends.  that’s right, Five. (more…)

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